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Plastic Hasps

Need help? Need help? How will plastic hasps enhance your lockout program The lockout-tagout system is a highly effective way of securing dangerous substances and machinery and can prevent accidents in the workplace, helping to save lives. Plastic hasps are an important part of any lockout safety procedure and, used in conjunction with other items from the lockout-tagout range, will help to keep your machinery secure.

Choosing the correct safety equipment is essential for good health and safety management, and the plastic hasps in our range have been designed to provide long-lasting security against the risks that can be found in many workplaces until all the necessary repair and maintenance work has been completed.

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Plastic Lockout Hasps: Buying Guide

Machinery that has not been serviced, harmful chemicals and fuse boxes are just some of the hazards that can be found in many workplaces but particularly industrial and construction environments. Keeping these secure from unauthorised personnel or until all safety checks have been completed is essential for good workplace management and will prevent the serious injuries that could otherwise take place. Plastic hasps with lockout danger tags applied are an effective way of keeping these restrictions in place.

We are one of the leading suppliers of workplace safety equipment and aim to make health and safety procedures as straightforward as possible. Our comprehensive range of safety equipment includes a number of plastic hasps as well as metal hasps. In order to secure the lockout devices that you will use as part of your lockout procedure, in situations that do not require a non-conductive solution, metal hasps offer an excellent alternative.

The plastic hasps in our range are made from tough materials that will provide long-lasting usage. Although the hasps are tough, the plastic materials are lightweight, making them easy to carry and unlikely to cause any damage. All are made from non-conductive materials, which make them ideal for securing areas with electrical hazards, such as fuse boxes. This also means that they are resistant to extremes of both the heat and the cold.

There is space on these hasps for several padlocks, allowing for the hasp to remain in place until all necessary personnel have pronounced it safe, we do recommend this approach as it adds redundancy to your safety procedure in the case of emergency and allows you to see how many are working on the maintenance of the machinery at any given time. Take a look at our range of non-conductive plastic lockout safety padlocks which are an ideal accompaniment to the hasps as they further provide protection from electrical hazards.

The options in the range of plastic hasps include hasps made from a highly visible material that can be easily seen from a distance, and one that is flexible, which is useful in tight spaces. The range also includes a padlock caddy that can be clipped onto a belt, making it easy to transport padlocks, chains and keys, and each hasp comes with space for information to be recorded.

To provide further information on the hazards or to record when checks are made, we also have an extensive range of Scafftags, these innovative tags are an ideal way to label many safety devices and are a great addition to lockout tagout procedures, we offer many Scafftag kits that provide all necessary materials to provide essential safety information. You can also make sure that your lockout-tagout equipment is well organised and easy to find with by using lockout stations to better store your equipment in a variety of highly visible locations.

Accidents at work can be devastating and not just to the victim but also to their colleagues and the company as a whole. Taking effective precautions against accidents is essential to comply with health and safety legislation, and will keep the workplace running smoothly. Plastic hasps are a small, simple piece of equipment, inexpensive to buy, but they play an important role in accident prevention. With an efficiently run workplace, staff morale and productivity will remain high, and your premises will be more likely to impress visitors.