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Need help? Need help? How colour coding can save time and money It is a challenge to manage stock inventory and general work environments without machinery and goods being identified and marked correctly. We have a variety of Tags and Ties that will optimise these processes so that every employee understands the status of products in the workplace. There are colour-coded options, plain metal write-on tags and rip-proof tags for enterprises that require hardwearing and visible small signage for goods. These tags and ties are best used with our range of other packaging tapes and tools and are designed to be safe and easy to use during the daily routine of activities.

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Create A Colour-Coded Tagging System

Our colour-coded tags are suitable for a range of industries and working environments due to their strong and flexible nature. Many of our tags are made from polypropylene plastic, which is well-suited to tough, heavy-duty workspaces. The PVC Colour Coded Tags - Chamfered can be used in engineering, construction and manufacturing, and are supplied in bespoke colours, sizes and quantities. We have different shape variants, so why not try the Polypropylene Colour Tags - Circular or PVC Colour Coded Tags - Rectangular? All of these tags are hardwearing and are vital for labelling machinery and items correctly.

We also offer a number of inventory tags for indicating the status of stock and on-site items in factories and warehouses. These include Goods Received Warehouse Tags, Inventory Tags - 1 Part Rejected and Stock Identity Warehouse Tags. All of these tags are important for the effective management of inventory and supplies. Data that can be added to the tags include date, location, department, quantity and total value. There are also perforated sections for simple accounting procedures. All of these actions add up when managing a warehouse, so make sure that you have the right tags and ties and protective envelopes.

You can also stay on brand with our collection of customisable tags and ties. The Custom Printed Tyvek Tags allow you to add your company name and address in a clear typeface set against a coloured background of your choosing. The tags are light, flexible and recyclable, and are made to withstand extreme temperatures and resist chemicals and moisture. The Custom Manilla Tags can be tied on machinery or used within various warehouse storage and packaging operations.

Tags Suitable For Any Work Environment

To clearly mark baggage within the logistics industry, consider the Custom Polyplas Self-Tie Tags, which can again be customised with text and colour and are both tear and waterproof resistant, so you have the peace of mind that they won’t be destroyed as goods are passed along the supply chain. Our other customisable tags include the Custom Rip-Proof Tags for industrial product identification and the Custom Paper Covered Steel Tags to ensure the proper identification of products and goods. The latter has a vellum paper covering for adding basic information.

Our tags and ties catalogue is rounded out by various 5S Red Tag products. These items can be used by workers to sort through items in specified areas, which can be designated using our warehouse signs. The 5S Red Tag Holding Area Kits With Red Tape Barrier have everything that you need for tagging areas in one complete solution, which includes various signs and tapes. You can also get your 5S tagging programme started with the 5S Red Tag Station Kits. There is even a 5S Red Tag Holding Area Kits With Post & Chain Barrier for cordoning off areas in the workplace.

We have a tag and tie to fit every work situation. Use the filter options to find the right solution for you. These tags and ties are just one aspect of a packaging system,you should also consider our packing tapes, despatch envelopes and packing labels to fulfil all of your packaging needs.