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Liners, Heating & Cooling

Working outdoors in all weather conditions brings its own challenges, regardless of any other hazards involved. Items from the liners, heating and cooling range can be used to help regulate body temperature, providing more comfortable working conditions for everyone on your site. Our range includes many items to help you achieve this, and whether it's liners for hard hats you need or other options for cooling or warming the head, our product guide can help you choose.

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Importance of liners and cooling PPE

Working outdoors throughout the year exposes workers to the range of temperatures, and your employees may experience icy cold winter days and scorching hot summer days. Becoming too hot or cold is a hazard in itself and can cause illness, as well as just discomfort. The items in the range of liners, heating and cooling accessories will enable your employees to better regulate their temperature, improving their safety and comfort at work.

How cooling and heating PPE can help

The liners, heating and cooling range at Seton includes a number of items. The liners can be worn under other headgear, to increase warmth while still maintaining good head protection, take a look at our range of hard hats.

The head coverings for heating are made from materials designed to retain heat. Choose from a hat or a balaclava, designed to keep not only the head warm, but also the face and neck. The cooling wraps are suitable for hot, outdoor conditions or inside for those working in areas of extreme heat. They can be worn alone or under a hard hat and are made from a polymer with cooling properties, which can be increased by storing overnight in a fridge. For convenience and good hygiene, all of the products in the liner, heating and cooling range are machine washable.

When creating a health and safety strategy it is important to remember to keep it flexible as hazards can change. This is particularly true when dealing with conditions outside your control, including the vagaries of the weather. Complying with all of the health and safety laws required can feel almost impossible, but the range of products at Seton is designed to make the task easier. We check our products to make sure they fully comply with the current UK and EU health and safety laws relevant to your work site.

Protecting the head and face from extreme temperatures using items from the liner, heating and cooling range is important, but to increase the comfort and safety of your employees, there are other effective measures you can take. Keep hands warm with our range of thermal gloves and other thermal clothing found in our range of winter accessories. In hot weather, it is important to stay hydrated, so make sure your staff can easily locate drinking water, using our range of drinking water signs.

Extreme temperatures

In extreme cold, workers could suffer frostbite or hypothermia, while in extreme warmth, heatstroke can be common. Providing liners, heating and cooling products can reduce the risk of that. Aside from the extremes, being too hot or cold can impair efficiency and concentration, making accidents more likely. By providing products to help your employees stay at a comfortable temperature, you can safeguard against that.