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Lockout Training Material

Need help? Need help? Learn the benefits of Lockout Training Training personnel in the correct way to adhere to your lockout procedures is an essential part of the process. Once you have your procedures in place you will need to ensure that all necessary employees know how to not only carry out energy isolation when needed, but how best to maintain them for future use.

Regular training sessions will keep your workers up to speed and enable you to keep them aware of any changes and modifications to your lockout procedures. By using our comprehensive training material this has been made easy.

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Learn Lockout Best Practice

With simple to follow videos that clearly demonstrate the procedures needed to create and maintain a lockout process, our interactive training course will ensure the creation of an efficient energy isolation procedure at your workplace.

The information presented is often very generalised as each companies lockout procedure will be different depending on the type of machinery, size of work shop and the amount of staff able to implement lockout processes.

Understanding the importance of energy control is paramount in any lockout training regime, knowing when to apply energy isolating equipment and the practical application of devices should be taken on board by all parties involved in order for the training to be effective.

As well as learning the processes needed to carry out lockout energy isolation, the important next step is to ensure that all those responsible for using lockout devices get to physically enact the procedures they will be required to engage in to isolate machinery for maintenance.

The application in practice of the training given is equally as important as giving the training in the first place, being sure that those responsible are familiar with carrying out the procedures will ensure the safety of your personnel while vital work is being carried out on heavy machinery.

Benefits to Employees

Carrying out regular training sessions for your employees has obvious benefits; they remain up to date with any changes to procedures you decide to bring in and any new members of staff are kept up to speed on the processes required to fulfil the health and safety mandate of your work place.

Hold regular sessions to reacquaint staff with the physical applications of lockout devices and the security procedures needed to secure them in place.

Internationally Recognised Lockout Procedures

The processes used to train personnel are used internationally, OSHA the body in the United States responsible for outlining health and safety procedure for American employees has a wealth of information on the creation and application of lockout procedures.

Lockout tagout procedures are more widely used in the U.S. and are being adopted worldwide, this method of decreasing the potential injury and loss of efficiency when maintaining and repairing industrial machinery has become beneficial to many companies and is simple to create and maintain.

From Theory to Reality, Preparing your Lockout Program

By exploring our lockout categories you will find everything you need to create an efficient de-energisation process for your workplace.

Our range of lockout kits comes in many different configurations, some, like our Electrical Lockout Kits have been designed for use in a specific sector, while others such as the Universal Lockout Kit encompass a wide range of equipment that covers usage on many types of energy isolation and security.

You may also have a good idea of the specific devices you will need to isolate in order to carry out safety checks and maintenance, in this case we have individual lockout devices and storage facilities for them if you should decide to create your own lockout kit.

Above all, the need for clarity in the procedures you put in place is not to be underestimated, with the training materials that we provide and by following the clear guides within, you will be able to easily create a safe environment for your workplace that will help decrease injuries and save lives.