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Biohazard Cleaning Equipment

Need help? Need help? Find out the best biohazard equipment for your needs If, after undertaking a health and safety assessment of your workplace it is determined there is a risk from biohazards, it might be necessary and advisable to invest in some biohazard cleaning equipment. We stock a comprehensive range of biohazard and bodily fluid equipment to help you equip your workplace to the highest possible standard. From anti-bacterial gels and washes that can be useful in just about any situation, to sharps disposal, which are slightly more specialised. Our range of biohazard cleaning equipment is wide and varied, and covers most eventualities.

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Which Biohazard Clean Up Items Are Right For My Requirements?

Even businesses that aren’t at a high risk of biohazard accidents might decide to invest in a Single Application Biohazard Kit. These kits are designed to effectively and efficiently clean up any biohazard spillages, which includes bodily fluids such as vomit or blood. The kit comes with easy to follow instructions on how to clean up after such spillages and by using the kit after any accidents of this nature you will be reducing the chance of contamination and better safeguarding the health of workers. It also comes with absorbent granules, disposable gloves, a polythene apron, a scraper, dry wipes, cleansing wipes and disinfectant wipes, as well as a biohazard disposal bag and pack of tissues. Once the spillage has been cleaned up using the kit, you must ensure the detritus is disposed of in the bag according to any local authority procedures that may be in place.

For workplaces where biohazards are more likely, for example at a hospital or doctor’s surgery, then investing in the appropriate waste containers will be necessary. Our Clinical Waste Containers and Sharps Bins are extremely useful in these situations. The Clinical Waste Containers, for example, are available in two sizes and are hermetically sealed so they are both airtight and watertight, preventing any spillages or contamination. They also have non-reverse locks, which means that for safety reasons once they are sealed they cannot be unsealed.

Another useful investment is Super Absorbent Granules. These are used on biohazardous spills and can clean up a variety of biohazards including, but not limited to, blood, vomit and urine. This special formula turns to gel upon contact with the fluid in question within minutes and is one of the best and most efficient ways to deal with potentially dangerous spills.

If you work in a high-risk environment, you might also want to consider the First Aid/Biohazard Station, which combines clean up with first aid in one easy package. The station itself can be wall mounted and comes with an integral bracket for the first aid kit, as well as a mirror and eyewash station for any eye injuries that might occur. Some larger models even come with sharps disposal, while all models have an accident book for the accurate and timely reporting of accidents in accordance with UK guidelines and legislation.

While not all workplaces will need to invest in something as comprehensive as the First Aid/Biohazard Station, choosing to keep some kind of biohazard clean up equipment in the office or workplace is a way of ensuring you are following guidelines as well as keeping staff, visitors and anyone else safe.


What should I do if emergency services are present?

If paramedics are attending the scene of a casualty you can ask them to advise you on the cleaning of the waste.

What other equipment compliments biohazard cleanup products to help prevent cross infection?

If you're a first aider, a face shield for resuscitation will help protect you from cross infection when carrying out CPR. Alcohol hand gel is also a useful thing to have at all times.