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Carpet Cleaners

Any business knows that it is important to keep the workplace looking its best at all times. Even if you have a regular cleaning service in place, it is important to provide the equipment used to keep your business looking professional and hygienic. One area which is often overlooked is floors. Carpet cleaning is a fundamental factor when keeping any business and its aesthetic up to the highest standards. Any workplace that has a high footfall will soon have carpets that appear worn and grubby, but a regular deep clean with a carpet cleaner from the range of Seton products will soon solve the problem.

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Buying Carpet And Steam Cleaners

When cleaning offices and other workplaces, the cleaning equipment that you have in place should be powerful and easy to use. We offer a range of cleaning equipment most of which have a strong design and large wheels so that it does not take too much effort to move them around. They are also highly durable and can withstand a great deal of wear and tear, which is essential when they are being used each day. Add to this a large cartridge filter for additional power and you have a carpet cleaner that you can use for years.

Steam cleaning is a great way to achieve a deep clean without the use of harsh chemicals. A professional Steam Cleaner will get the job done in half the time and it can be used on other surfaces including tiles, radiators and furniture upholstery. We offer models with twin tanks so that you do not have to keep stopping to refill and the longevity of the product is increased dramatically. Variable controls ensure that you can alter the amount of steam being produced so you can vary it from surface to surface.

A Backpack Vacuum Cleaner could be another option that will help to make life easier and keep your workplace as clean and tidy as possible. They are lightweight but retain the power of other types of vacuum cleaner. The comfort strap system includes essential ventilation and the controls of the unit are within easy reach at all times. The weight of the unit is just 5.3kg. The innovative design of the unit also allows for longer usage periods.

Considerations When Buying Carpet Cleaning Equipment

These are just a few of the options that are available when you are purchasing a carpet cleaner for your workplace from Seton. There are a few other things you should take into consideration when making your choice. Who is going to be using the equipment? How often is it going to be used? How much surface area is going to be covered? These are factors that will affect the type of cleaner you use. It may be that you want a good quality vacuum and a steam cleaner so you can give the carpets a boost, or you want the steam cleaner to tackle other jobs around the workplace.

Better quality carpet cleaners will help to give your carpets a longer life and will ensure that even when they have been well worn, that they look reasonably new, while other products such as spray extraction cleaners are designed specifically for upholstery and spot cleaning.