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Repairing damage quickly is essential to prevent further damage and the risk of accidents, but this can be difficult in hard-to-see areas. Scopes are invaluable in checking those areas with poor visibility or accessibility to locate the source of any problems and enable repairs to swiftly take place.
Failure to spot damage increases the risk of accidents and may mean the damage becomes worse. The legal and financial implications of this can be significant for businesses. The scopes in the range at Seton will allow you to take the required action at the earliest opportunity, fulfilling your obligation to keep all on your premises safe.

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Inspection Scopes Buying Guide

Damage to premises and machinery is always a nuisance, but when it occurs in a hard-to-see area it can be even more problematic. Often it can be hard to tell where the damage is or what is causing the problem. Left alone the damage can worsen, resulting in a costly repair and possibly even becoming dangerous for your employees. A scope allows you to inspect those hard-to-see places, bringing an image to a computer screen and allowing the necessary repairs to take place. Useful in a wide range of industrial, mechanical and scientific work places, the range of scopes at Seton will prove a valuable addition to your maintenance and repair equipment.

With a variety of scopes available at Seton, you can easily choose which one best suits your requirements. Plugged into a computer they need no further power source and are fitted with a camera on the end which will bring an image quickly to the computer screen for analysis. Some models also have the option of saving the images to an SD card, allowing damage and inspection reports to be easily compiled.

The nature of the work means that scopes need to be robust. Many are made from waterproof materials, allowing them to be used in pipes and other damp locations. Their small size means they can be easily used anywhere on the premises and are a useful tool for those professionals who need to carry out repairs in different locations.

Maintaining good health and safety standards is always an ongoing process and regular inspections are likely to be a part of the process, as well the need to deal with problems as they rise. Swift response to damage is an essential part of maintaining high safety standards. The laws surrounding health and safety procedures can often seem daunting, but with the wide range of safety equipment available at Seton they need not be problematic. Our products comply with all necessary EU and UK health and safety legislation and as a leading online retailer of safety products we are always happy to help if you have any queries.

Carrying out inspections and repairs can cause risks to your employees. Take a look at our range of Personal Protective Equipment to make sure your repair and maintenance staff have everything they need to fulfil their tasks safely and efficiently.

Investing in good quality equipment including scopes can be repaid many times over, as damage caught quickly is generally far less costly to repair. They will also make inspections much quicker to carry out, maximising work place efficiency. Taking effective steps to improve the safety standards at your work place is an obligation, but with the wide range of safety products available at Seton it need not be a difficult one to meet.