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Ensuring packages are labelled correctly is incredibly important for several reasons. First and foremost, packaging is meant to protect products as they are being moved so it’s vital that anyone who comes into contact with your goods know of special instructions such as “handle with care” or “do not tilt”. It’s also imperative for safe handling that details such as weight and size are indicated as well as any special lifting instructions.

Whether you are dealing with a warehouse full of boxes or shipping the occasional parcel, labelling your packaging correctly is always a good idea. To find out more about shipping labels and other packaging stickers, read our useful buying guide.

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Packaging Stickers & Labels: Buying Guide

Correctly labelled packaging is very important for health and safety. Our packaging labels allow employees to mark packages with pertinent information and ensure that they are handled correctly according to status and weight. Indicating that parcels are particularly heavy or oversized can prevent handling and lifting accidents as everyone who comes into contact with your goods will know exactly how to deal with them. It also reduces the risk of package contents being damaged. Our selection of packaging labels can also be used to instruct package handlers not to drop packages and handle them with care. We also provide internationally recognised packaging labels that can be used on shipments going overseas to advise of contents and proper handling procedures.

Our labels will assist your employees in following and complying with legislation regarding packaging in other ways as well. For example, we stock a large variety of packaging labels to ensure that when you send out items that need special care or contain hazardous materials they can be marked appropriately. This helps ensure that your workplace, employees, customers and visitors are protected when dealing with potentially dangerous packages.

Box Label Types Explained

Our packaging labels cover domestic and international shipping and include legends such as:

  • Delicate instruments - handle with great care

  • Do not drop

  • Do not top load

  • Do not stack

  • Fragile do not stack

  • Heavy do not lift

  • Keep dry

These packaging labels are designed to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with your parcels will know exactly how to treat them.

We stock a range of hazard labels in our packaging label selection, including biohazard warning tape, danger radioactive material hazard warning tape, and caution handle with care warning labels, which are essential to ensure careful handling of hazardous and dangerous materials. We also carry several packaging information labels that include “fragile/keep dry” and “Made in Britain” labels.

A selection of alpha/numeric labels are also available. As well as denoting product information, these can be used to mark boxes with warehouse locations so that they can be stored quickly and easily in the appropriate place.

Shipping Labels for Passing on Information

For transporting dangerous goods on the road, we provide a UN label that must be attached to any packaging according to the relevant class number under the ADR agreement of the items contained within. These can be customised and printed with the ID numbers you require.

We can also supply shipping labels, including “fragile glass - handle with care” and “keep from freezing” legends to help identify contents with special requirements.

Please note that if you are unable to locate a specific packaging label in our selection that you require to meet your needs, we offer the option to design your own customisable packaging labels.