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When it comes to ensuring maximum workplace productivity, one of the key areas to be aware of is organisation. Ensuring that a workspace or office is well organised can help facilitate the effective execution of workplace tasks. Choosing the right storage and organisation solutions for the workplace can mean employees do not waste valuable time looking for necessary items, and good organisation can also help to ensure that a workspace is compliant with relevant health and safety legislation at all times. Our range of storage bins is just one of the great ways that we can help make sure you are achieving the best possible office and industrial organisation at all times.

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Storage Containers: Buying Guide

Keeping an office or industrial space well organised is a key element in ensuring a productive, efficient and safe workspace for your staff, clients and visitors. Our choice of storage bins is just one of the great range of storage solutions on offer here at Seton, offering you the chance to create a space that is truly tailored to the individual needs of your business.

As well as offering a selection of Shelving Units, file storage, Document Storage and archive storage, we are also able to supply a selection of storage bins, which can be used in conjunction with these other products to help facilitate the organisation of office and industrial areas.
Our range of business and industrial storage bins includes designs that can be used as standalone storage, as well as used to create stackable storage for use with one of our office or industrial shelving units.

Our durable plastic storage bins work well with both open and bin-style shelving units and can be useful in keeping items tucked away out of sight within the workplace. Use our range of storage bins to collect smaller items together, choose storage bins for items that will not sit well on shelf, or opt for easily identifiable storage bins to help facilitate fast access to items that might be needed in the office or work environment.

Storage bins can be a great way of prolonging the longevity of shelving, allowing for stock and stored items to be kept away from the surface of shelves, reducing the wear and tear of these areas. The bins themselves can be easily emptied and cleaned, by having additional storage bins you can use them in rotation to facilitate storage bin cleaning with minimal disruption to the workplace. Another option is our Louvred Panels. They attach to a wall and provide hooks to hold the storage bins in place, creating a storage system without the use of shelves.

Our hygienic storage bins are designed with an anti-static property, making them a great option for foodstuff storage, while all of our storage bins are designed to be able to withstand the heat of industrial workspaces without cracking or warping. These products will help aid your compliance with imperative health and safety legislation as enforced by UK and EU safety laws to ensure you do not face persecution.

We supply a range of plastic storage bins for business use. These versatile units come with labels to help ensure that contents and intended usage are easily identifiable by all those with access to the area. We can also supply additional Storage Bin Labels for those who anticipate changing usage for this product.

For storage of sensitive items, we can also supply safety signs and Access Awareness Signs, helping to ensure that all employees, clients and visitors understand which storage they are permitted to access at any time.