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Social Distancing Screens

Need help? Need help? Which social distancing screens do you need? Large, Sturdy Social Distancing Screens - Free Delivery

COVID-19 has drastically altered day-to-day business operations and ergonomics, sowing a trail of uncertainty, vulnerability and fear. Safe work environments are paramount and employers now face additional challenges to ensure workplace safety.

Social distancing – effectively keeping people a safe, non-infectious distance apart – curbs the spread of the coronavirus and other diseases. This is, however, not always practical or possible in all places and situations. Social distancing screens safely address ergonomic distancing challenges in the workplace. Our COVID-19 experts have assessed all spatial risks and selected a comprehensive range of protection screens to solve any workspace challenge.

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The Best Social Distancing Screens For The Workplace

If nothing else, COVID-19 has shown the world just how fast pathogens can accumulate and spread in uncontrolled environments. Employers are obliged to implement measures to curb the spread of this virus. Social distancing screens help to safeguard workspaces and enable businesses to continue with operations.

  • Employees and customers feel protected when screened off from direct contact with others.

  • Installing social distancing screens enables workplaces to remain operational and economically viable.

  • Social distancing screens prevent droplet contamination and consequently cross infections.

  • The screens are non-porous and can easily be disinfected.

  • Desk and office screens also provide a certain degree of protection against work surface contaminants.

  • Social distancing screens are versatile and can be installed in almost any setting where people are unable to maintain the recommended social distance of two metres.

The value of risk assessments and planning

We recommend reviewing and modifying your floor plan to establish social distancing between employees and customers. If this is not possible, social distancing partitions must be installed, especially in face-to-face situations.

Social distancing screens will suit the purposes of specific workspaces and not hamper ergonomics. Deciding between counter sneeze screens, office desk screens, and perspex divider screens – to name but a few – can be daunting. Employers should conduct risk assessments and prioritise work areas accordingly.

Assessing the risks and planning which social distancing screens are needed in which areas eases the decision-making and safeguarding processes. Keep these useful tips in mind when performing your risk assessment:

We have everything you will need to implement social distancing in your workplace. From COVID-19 signs to hygiene screens & partitions and infection control equipment, everything needed to protect your employees and keep your business viable.

Office layouts for better social distancing

More than ever, employers and employees alike value their jobs and productivity. The need for continued functioning has forced businesses to examine and rethink workspace layouts. Here are some handy tips if you need to modify your flooring and workspace layout:

  • Identify areas with high foot traffic. Plan one-way flows with directional looping and install the required protective barriers.

  • Control traffic in dead-end areas such as kitchens and other communal areas by limiting the number of people allowed in a room.

  • Obtain a simple floorplan of your workplace. This map should contain accurate measurements of walls and other immovable objects such as doorways. Use this map to optimise desk placement and plan for the movement of people.

  • Ideally, there should be a two-metre distance between desks or workstations. Practically, this is not always possible, especially in face-to-face working environments. In these instances, social distancing screens should be installed.

  • Use signage to direct workers and familiarise them with the new layouts and rules.

  • Mobile screens can be used to create temporary walkways to aid foot-traffic controls.

As you plan and modify your workspace layout, you should also plan your social distancing barriers. Our versatile selection caters for all office social distancing needs.

What to look for when comparing social distancing screens

  • Perspex or acrylic hygiene screens that are easy to clean and disinfect.

  • Office partition screens that are high enough to render maximum protection.

  • Mobile desk screens and counter screens for easy placement.

  • Versatile office screens that can be used as either front or side partitions.

  • The necessary fixtures in case of non-mobile social distancing screens.

Top five social distancing screens

1. The perspex partition screen protects against droplet contamination during coughing and sneezing. This is an easy-to-clean and portable solution for desks and counters.
2. The two-way workplace desktop protection screen is suited for use in classrooms, offices, canteens and other public spaces.
3. The desktop acrylic social distancing screen is the ideal partition between close-proximity workstations. This divider is easy to install and move around as needed.
4. The high-rise desktop social distancing screen provides the added protection needed in places such as reception areas, banks, hospitals and warehouses.
5. The mobile acrylic protection screen is a versatile office partition screen that can be placed where needed to cordon off areas, walkways or certain spaces.