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Thermal Gloves

Thermal gloves don’t just offer your hands protection from abrasions and cuts, they also shield them from poor weather conditions. Coldproof gloves help prevent numbness, frostbite, and chapping, which are common problems when working in extremely cold conditions for prolonged periods. Thermal Gloves meet or exceed EN511 standards and are effective against conductive and convective heat loss and are often water resistant. Have a look at our info about buying considerations.

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Choosing Insulated Gloves

The thermal gloves in our selection have a variety of different attributes, so we recommend you take your time to look through them and find the perfect ones for your workplace. Although they all provide great insulation, they vary in terms of flexibility, grip, visibility and the tasks for which they are optimised. Some of the products we stock are designed to keep you warm even in a blizzard, while others are perfect for a chilly day. Making the right choice means you will not have to worry about hands getting too cold or overheating.

Some of our most lightweight thermal gloves such as Honeywell® Driving Gloves are ideal for driving and can be a great asset to the drivers of lorries or vans with cabs that are hard to keep warm. Delivery drivers love them because they provide comfort even when the vehicle is subject to constant loading and unloading on a cold day, and they provide plenty of flexibility so they will not interfere with driving.

Our most weather-resistant gloves offer less flexibility but are very welcome in icy environments, and they are quite adequate for work like shovelling snow or moving large objects around. We also stock a wide range of gloves that are in between, so you can find a balance of warmth and flexibility that is right for what your business does.

For people working outside on construction sites and similar operations, our high-visibility thermal gloves such as Coldstar Latex Gloves perform two tasks in one, helping to keep hands warm while reducing the risk of accidents. They are great when worn in combination with our other high-visibility safety gear.

The range of materials used in our selection of thermal gloves means you can easily find something which suits your priorities, avoiding issues with allergies and reducing the risk of damage from mildly-corrosive substances. Some of our thermal gloves are highly-padded to provide protection against cuts and bruises, while others are waterproof so your employees can stay warm even when they are working outdoors in wet conditions - usually the most difficult sort of weather to cater for.

We know you may still need to undertake strenuous tasks when you are working in cold conditions, so we stock thermal gloves which are specially designed to provide a strong grip. They are excellent for construction work and can also be helpful for workers moving goods and equipment through large warehouses, which are hard to keep warm in winter.

You will find the grip positioned in different areas on different kinds of gloves, while some are designed to let you grip objects more lightly with the whole hand. These gloves are also good at resisting abrasive damage and tearing, which means you can expect them to have a good lifespan, even when your employees are engaging in rough work.

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