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Your Guide to EN388 Gloves |

How EN388 Can Help You Select Work Gloves

Work Gloves EN388 Can Help You Select Work Gloves

EN388 is a piece of legislation which provides information about the mechanical resistance of safety gloves in a format which is easy to understand. Gloves which conform to EN 388 are rated using four numbers; these numbers tell you how resistant the gloves are to mechanical hazards. You can use this information to ensure that your workers are protected in an appropriate way.

Work gloves which conform to EN 388 will be marked with this shield. Under the shield will be four numbers. These show the level of protection according to EN 388. Some work gloves may be marked ‘x’ for a particular category. This means that this safety glove was not tested for that category.

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Abrasion Resistance

The first number in EN 388 tells you how well the gloves resist abrasion. The number will vary between one and four. Abrasion resistance is important for all types of handling, but is especially important for handling rough materials, such as bricks. It is important to have a high abrasion rating on gloves used in work areas such as gardening and construction work. One pair of gloves which has a high level of abrasion resistance is the Ansell Activarmr® Medium-Duty Work Gloves.

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Blade Cuts Resistance

The second number in the EN 388 rating shows you the safety gloves’ resistance to blade cuts. This number ranges between one and five. Work gloves which have a higher rating in this category provide better protection against sharp objects, such as knives and glass. Gloves with a high level of blade cut resistance are ideal for workers who handle sheet metal, glass, and sharp tools. The Polyco® HexArmor Mechanics Glove 4018 gloves have the highest possible protection rating for blade cuts.

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Tear Resistance

The gloves’ resistance to tears is shown by the third number is the EN 388 rating. This number ranges between one and four. Gloves with a high level of tear resistance are very durable, and will withstand demanding work such as construction, landscaping, and heavy handling. Our Tenactiv Cut-Resistant Gloves with Nitrile palms have the highest possible level of tear resistance.

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Puncture Resistance

The final number in the EN 388 rating indicates the gloves’ resistance to punctures. This number will be between one and four. Safety gloves with high levels of puncture resistance provide greater protection against hazards such as needles, thorns, and syringes. This type of glove is ideal for medical and waste work. The Polyco® Anti-Syringe Gloves have the highest level of puncture resistance.

To choose the correct type of work gloves, it is essential to consider the type of task for which they will be used. By assessing the types of hazard to which workers will be exposed, you will understand the type of protective glove they will need. Find the gloves that are right for your workplace today by taking a look at our selection of protective gloves.

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