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Visitor Name Badges & Visitor Books

Welcoming guests, visitors, clients, customers and partners is a major component of everyday business life for many firms, and it is important to create the best possible impression. That is why offering visitors’ name badges and asking guests to sign into a visitor book is important. It can help to ensure guests receive the best experience when meeting with your firm.

There is clearly a security benefit in providing visitor name badges, with accountability benefits and having the chance to properly welcome your visitors being a bonus. Most companies now appreciate the full range of advantages of greeting visitors in the correct manner.

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Signing In/Out Books and Visitor Badges: Buying Guide

If you are welcoming guests to your place of work, it is essential to make the best possible impression. Having a front desk or reception area where all guests are greeted and provided with assistance is a fantastic way to welcome them to your workplace and to ensure they receive help with their visit. Any company that is utilising a queue management system will find that asking guests to sign in at the end of the queuing process provides the opportunity to thank them for their patience and to create a personalised welcome.

All companies should provide a high standard of service and sometimes this comes from properly acknowledging a visitor. By taking the time to ask a guest to sign in, your company can find out more about the person, such as the firm they represent, and you can then provide them with the assistance and guidance they need. One of the main reasons to ask guests to sign in is to save them time in finding the employee they need to see or in directing them to where they should go.

Visitor books increase security in the workplace

There is also a security aspect that comes with offering a visitor book and providing guests with visitor name badges. When a guest is wearing an ID card and badge holder, all employees will be able to identify them, and be aware of whether they are in a suitable part of the building or not. This means that staff can help people who appear lost, and it provides a security measure to prevent unauthorised staff from gaining access to areas they shouldn’t be in.

Using a combination of ID cards and visitor name badges, it is possible to maintain security while ensuring all guests are greeted in the correct manner. There is a great deal to be said for simply addressing a guest by their name and asking them about their company or workplace, and with the use of visitor badges, this is a very easy process to manage. Security and efficiency lies at the heart of the visitor book process.

Be flexible when welcoming guests

If there are many guests signing in at the same, it may be that wrist bands as opposed to individual ID cards or badges will suffice. Having flexibility in the workplace is a good idea, and when you have guests signing in, reception staff can decide how best to use identification methods.

There is also another benefit of the visitor book process that comes when a guest leaves. Whether they need to sign out or hand back their ID pass, your representative has the chance to say goodbye to the guest. The small things in business often leave the biggest impression, and if your employees greet and say goodbye to your guests, people will consider you to be a courteous company.