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"Do Not" Signs

Need help? Need help? How to prevent accidents using 'Do Not' signs? Every "Do-Not" Sign You Can Imagine - Fast Delivery!

Provide clear warnings - Sometimes workers and visitors need a very clear message. If there is something they must not do then they need to know, and a ‘Do not’ sign will help to enforce this. This very simple instruction ensures the viewer will be in no doubt that there is something they should avoid doing and will help you prevent accidents.

All of our ‘Do not’ signs start with those exact words. Workers and visitors are left in no doubt as to the meaning of the signs. The signs are designed to catch the eye and get the message across quickly and will help to ensure safety procedures are followed.

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Clear Messages

Avoid confusion - Through the combination of straightforward text and simple images, our ‘Do not’ signs work to ensure your employees and visitors are aware of the rules at just a moment’s glance. By providing signage that has simple and clear instruction you can help to ensure the best safe working practices are followed with ease.

Safety should be simple - For example, the ‘Do not drink’ Sign is designed to be used when the tap water is not suitable for drinking. Often used in commercial kitchens, laboratories and factories where different taps have specific purposes - the message is clear. Even for those who cannot read the words there is an unmistakable image of a tap and a glass of water with a line through it, making it very easy to understand.

Prevent Accidents

Stop accidents before they occur - Properly displayed signage is very effective at preventing accidents and ‘Do not’ signs are one of the clearest ways you can inform your workers of potentially dangerous actions or areas. When working with any hazardous substances or environments, every worker and visitor needs to be made aware of the dangers.

Risks to health - In workplaces where asbestos has been used in the building, you need to inform employees about it quickly and simply, providing straightforward instructions for how to remain safe.

One of our best-selling Multi-Message Asbestos Signs makes this very clear to the viewer. It offers a clear warning that there is asbestos present and that it is dangerous, gives instruction that care should be taken with the simple ‘Do not disturb’ and ‘Avoid damage’ messages, and provides further information advising the worker to report any damage or disturbance immediately.

This is a simple sign with minimal information but it tells the worker everything they need to know.

Enforce Safety Procedures

Correct placement - While some signs may get the message across simply by being placed nearby potential risks, there are some dangers that need to be reinforced at the point an accident can occur. This is especially true when it comes to the use of potentially hazardous equipment where incorrect use or activation could have dire consequences.

For example, you may need safety signs in place to prevent people from flicking switches and pressing buttons when they should not. The ‘Do not switch on’ Signs offer a clear message, with the circle and line through it, indicating that the intended action is forbidden.

These signs are available with self-adhesive backing and are supplied in packs, so you can easily mark every switch or piece of machinery that should be left alone.

Specialist Materials

Seton are experts when it comes to Safety Signs - Our ‘Do not’ signs are no exception; with the various material, size and image options available, we are able provide a ‘Do not’ sign to suit your individual needs.

One of our most popular materials can be found on the ‘Do not use mobile phones’ Sign, which has a standard format or is available with a luminous background, so it can be easily seen in the dark. This is ideal for workplaces where the use of a mobile phone can cause health and safety risks. especially when in areas that are poorly lit or in the event of a power failure.

We have many more material options from self-adhesive vinyl to the rigid plastic with glossy finish, and whichever material you choose, you can easily fix them in place with our range of Sign Fixings to ensure they will stay in place for years to come.