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Speed Limit Signs

Controlling the speed of vehicles on your premises is one of the most important elements of your traffic management plan. The use of signage to reduce speed or show where pedestrians are present is a well-established method of vehicle control that can save lives.

Places where there are vehicles present such as car parks, roads and driveways are amongst the most hazardous areas of a work site. As an employer is it your duty to manage the dangers and reduce the chance of accidents. Controlling the speed of vehicles on your premises using speed limit signs is one of the most important steps you can take towards minimising risk. To find out more about the importance of speed limit signs and how they can increase safety, check out or buying guide.

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Speed Signs for Business

Speed kills - speed limit signs save lives.

A vehicle driving too fast is one of the greatest hazards at your place of work. Speeding vehicles have an increased risk of hitting other vehicles, property and pedestrians. Limiting and controlling the speed limit to a safe level using speed limit signs will reduce the likelihood of an accident, as well as the severity of injuries and damage if one does occur. Clearly displaying speed limit signs is a small step that can make a huge difference.

The safe speed limit depends very much on your premises and the hazards involved. In fact, it may even vary considerably in different areas around your site.

Possible areas where reduced speed is a good idea are:
  • Car parks

  • Building entrances

  • Loading bays

  • Uneven or winding roads

  • Anywhere that a significant number of pedestrians are present

Use speed limit signs in conjunction with speed bumps and other traffic calming solutions to further enhance their message. Reflective materials are used in many of our speed limit signs for increased visibility at night.

Road Speed Signs that Get Your Message Seen

The range of speed limit signs at Seton feature relevant wording and pictograms, and some will also include further information on the hazard involved and behaviour expected.

As safety sign specialists, Seton prides itself on producing the widest selection of signs available. However there are times when an off-the-shelf solution just isn’t good enough. We offer a custom sign service so the speed limit sign that exactly suits your situation is never more than a few clicks away.

Clearly displaying your speed limit signs is essential, so that all drivers can modify their speed as necessary. Securely fix your parking bay signs with the range of sign holders and fixings stocked at Seton - perfect for attaching our signs.

Speed Restrictions and Safety

Installing speed limit signs is one of the most important steps you can take to improve the safety of vehicles on your premises. Increase this further by displaying additional road traffic signs that provide directions, convey instructions, or warn of hazards.

Safe speed limits for vehicles will go a considerable way to preventing vehicle accidents on your premises and reducing the severity of injuries if they do occur. Using speed limit signs as part of your traffic management strategy will also help improve the flow of vehicles on your premises, minimising confusion and maximising workplace efficiency.

Negotiating the many health and safety regulations to create an effective traffic management plan can seem like a complicated task, and the consequences of not following the rules can cause considerable concern. At Seton, you can shop with complete peace of mind knowing our speed limit signs comply with all relevant legislation.

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