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Top 10 Car Park Safety Considerations |

Car Park Maintenance

A pothole in the ground is being fixed immediately by using a Instant Pothole Repair ready mixed formula.

Parking areas, along with attached paths and roads, must be maintained and require a fully monitored maintenance schedule. To improve health and safety within your organisation, we recommend using our Instarmac Instant Pothole Repair Kit to provide a safe surface for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.


Car Park Traffic Signs

White, red and black 5MPH speed limit car park traffic sign on grey post within a car park.

Install Car Park Signs to communicate speed restrictions, promote parking etiquette and help drivers and pedestrians navigate your car park safely. Signposts should be to Highway Code standards.


Restricting Speed

Black car approaching yellow and black PVC Seton Speed Bump in a car park.

Safety signs that communicate speed restrictions should be clearly displayed within your car park. Speed Bumps can also be installed to ensure vehicles remain at a safe speed at all times.


Access for Visitors

White car in a car park has a silver and red Folding Parking Barrier in front of it which has a European Cylinder Lock to provide additional security.

You owe a duty of care to visitors, so ensure safety and security arrangements are inclusive and available to all. Use our Folding Parking Barriers to restrict parking spaces when needed with ease.


Car Park Management

Ten red JSP® Sand Weighted One Piece Traffic Cones with high visibility sleeves are in a car park in a row horizontally restricting access to certain parking bays.

Traffic Cones and Posts are essential as they raise the awareness of potential hazards quickly and efficiently. To restrict access to designated areas more permanently use our Heavy Duty Bollards.


Vehicle Permits

The front window screen of a silver car which has a red and black vehicle permit on it which reads ‘warning you have parked in a private area, your license plate number has been noted and is recorded. If this vehicle is parked in this area again, we will have it towed away at your expense’.

Manage your car park with ease by using our Vehicle Permits. They allow you to control who can use your car park and help keep employees safe.


Disabled Parking

A car park which has two designated disabled parking bays. The disabled parking bays have been created using yellow line marking paint and there are two blue and white ‘disabled parking only’ car park signs on a grey post in front of the parking bays.

Dedicated, accessible and clearly marked car parking bays should be provided for disabled people. Use our Line Marking Equipment to improve health and safety within the workplace by clearly marking out areas that are available or restricted for vehicles and pedestrians.


Water Management

Two red HydroSnake Flood Prevention barriers are being used to stop flood water entering a drain.

Steps should be taken to reduce the risk of flooding as this can cause water damage and make parking bays unusable.


Traffic Mirrors

A red Anti-Vandal Traffic Mirror has been post mounted in a car park. In the reflection of the mirror you can see many cars parked and a large lorry parked in the middle of the car park.

If your car park has blind spots we strongly recommend using Traffic Mirrors to improve visibility and reduce the risk of accidents.


Snow and Ice

A man wearing personal protective equipment which includes a reflective yellow hi-vis vest and black safety boots. He is shoveling a large amount of snow outside using a yellow and black One-Man Snow Plough.

CHECK THE FORECAST! If snow and ice have already formed, it can be difficult to shift. Keep up to date with the weather and grit your car park using De-Icers and White Rock Salt the night before.

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