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Top 10 Car Park Safety Considerations |

Car Park Maintenance

Parking areas, along with attached paths and roads, must be maintained and require a fully monitored maintenance schedule.


Car Park Signs

Install signs to communicate speed restrictions, promote parking etiquette and help drivers and pedestrians navigate your car park safely. Signposts should be to Highway Code standards.


Restricting Speed

Safety signs that communicate speed restrictions should be displayed. Speed ramps can also be installed to ensure vehicles remain at a safe speed.


Access for Visitors

You owe a duty of care to visitors so ensure safety and security arrangements are inclusive and available to all.


Automatic Gates

Care must be taken with electric gate systems to ensure they are desingned, fitted and maintained according to appropriate safety standards.



Car parks used during any period of darkness should be lit. Lighting systems must be designed to eliminate dark places and shadows.


Disabled Parking

Dedicated, accessible and clearly marked car parking bays should be provided for disabled people.


Water Management

Steps should be taken to reduce the risk of flooding as this can cause water damage and render parking bays unusable.


Polution and Surface Water Run-off

Surface water run-off from car parks can cause erosion and localised flooding. Run-off may also contain pollutants such as oil, fuel, hydraulic fluids and anti-freeze.


Snow and Ice

CHECK THE FORECAST! If snow and ice have already formed, it can be difficult to shift. Keep up to date with the weather and grit your car park the night before.

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