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Plasters are arguably the most widely used first aid product due to their suitability for a plethora of injury types and ailments, such as cuts, grazes and wounds. They are a first aid essential and can be applied directly to the skin in most situations after an accident. We have a range of adhesive dressings that can be used as part of a first aid kit to meet health and safety obligations at work. Made up of different colours and materials, we have made it easy for you to stock up on the plasters you need to treat every feasible injury by looking at our plasters buying guide.

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Plasters Buying Guide

Our Assorted Plaster Value Pack is perfect for those requiring a variety of plaster types for cuts in working environments, such as catering. Some of our plasters are particularly useful in food preparation, based on colours not naturally found in ingredients, making them easier to detect in busy kitchens. The value pack also includes an assortment of washproof, strip and fabric plasters, so all your first aid needs are catered for. This pack is also great for quick and efficient restocks and refills of the first aid kits available across our supplies catalogue.

For the targeted relief of blisters, we have the Advanced 1,2,3 Blister Plasters product. These small dressings keep out dirt, bacteria and moisture and enhance natural healing processes to soothe and heal the skin in quick time while providing ongoing pain relief. There are also Washproof Plasters available in the Advanced 1,2,3 range. This cost-effective product includes three plaster types for cuts and grazes and features a low-allergy adhesive to ensure they are suitable for all skin types. The washproof and ultra-absorbent material makes these plasters ideal for small injuries, and you can apply them in just three easy steps for the quick treatment of minor cuts and scrapes.

The blue catering and fabric plasters available in the assorted pack can also be purchased separately in medium or large packs. We also sell Pink Washproof Plasters, which are general multipurpose adhesive dressings for a variety of injury types. Furthermore, for specific use to treat finger cuts we offer Finger Extension Plasters, which are soft and flexible. Both products are sterile and hypoallergenic, making them ideal for quick application.

There are also plaster kits available for popular dispensers. Choose from fabric and washproof plasters for the Dependaplast plaster dispenser, which reduces the risk of pilferage with its individually packed supplies. You can also get a full set of washproof plasters in a pack of six for the Clikplast Station and three types of plasters for the QuickFix dispenser. These refills, like all our restockable first aid items across our catalogue, are great for ensuring that there are always adhesive dressings available in the office or at school when they are needed the most.

Our vast range of plasters is rounded out by the Easiplaster. This product offers a simple and intuitive alternative to regular plasters with its hassle-free application. There is no adhesive, so individuals won’t have to endure the discomfort of removing the plaster after applying it to small cuts and grazes. This product is designed for minor accidents and injuries and is a reliable, practical and cost-effective plaster for fingers, hands, arms and legs. Its washproof material also makes it versatile across many industries and working environments.