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Gas Cylinder Storage

Gas cylinder storage is available in a range of types and styles. For storing individual cylinders or other small amounts a freestanding cylinder stand or wall bracket is ideal. If you work with cylinders or gas bottles a lot and have larger quantities to store, a cabinet or cage suitable for outside storage will be the best option.

Cylinders and gas bottles have the potential to be one of the most dangerous items in your workplace so storing them safely is incredibly important. We guarantee that whatever product you purchase from us, it will comply with the highest regulatory standards. Our useful buying guide offers more information on how to store gas cylinders and identify full or empty containers.

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Where to Store Gas Cylinders

As pressurised containers, the correct storage of gas cylinders is an important part of keeping your business safe. Even whilst not being used there are several ways in which hazards can occur.

Wherever possible, cylinders should be stored in the open air to prevent any vapours from building to dangerous levels. If this cannot be done your cylinder storage area should always be well ventilated. When selecting a place to store cylinders you should bear the following in mind:

  • Other Hazards - Cylinders should not be stored near any other hazardous materials to prevent cross-contamination or a domino effect occurring should an accident happen

  • Traffic Routes – Keep cylinders away from areas where vehicles regularly travel to avoid accidental impact damage

  • Heat Sources – Any external source of heat can compromise the structural integrity of a cylinder making it potentially dangerous to handle

  • Flammability and Ignition – Flammable gas cylinders should be stored away from any part of a building that is used for other tasks and ignition sources such as forklift trucks must be kept away

  • Access – Ensure staff can get in and out of the storage area with ease and never block entrances or exits

If you do place your cylinder storage outdoors, facilities must be lockable and the potential for vandalism needs to be taken into account. We have a selection of cages available, including various lock ups which place safety and security at the forefront of their design.

Cylinders must be stored upright and held securely to prevent them from falling. Therefore a cage, bracket or stand should be used that features a flat-bottomed surface and/or a chain or restraining strap. If you simply need a piece of equipment for storing a single cylinder in a workshop or smaller area a freestanding cylinder stand will be ideal. It can be fixed to the floor and will hold cylinders snugly to prevent toppling. If you are likely to have a need to store larger quantities a wall-mounted bracket might prove to be a more flexible option.

Cylinder Identification

To minimise the amount of handling a cylinder receives and thereby reduce risk it is important to have them tagged to show whether they are full, empty or in use. This simple step will speed up operations in your workplace, cut down on errors and ensure everyone knows what stock is available and how to use it. Colour-coded tags can be used to show if a cylinder is ready for use or should be held back for a later date.

Are you taking the right precautions with your chemicals and storage?

Instantly get to grips with your responsibilities and the law in our easy to use What is COSHH and COSHH Assessment guides.