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Floor Protection

Need help? Need help? How to prevent floor damage? One of the most common ways to make a workplace look a little uncared for is to allow the floors to become damaged. It is so easy to do, it only takes somebody spilling something and the carpet is marked, or hard floors can be scuffed if items are dragged across them.

By thinking ahead and taking preventative measures to protect your floors you can ensure that you keep your floors looking as good as the day they were installed. We offer a host of great options in our Floor Protection range at Seton, as well as related safety products, so it’s easy to find the right one for the job.

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Damage Prevention

With a few simple measures in place, you can avoid the obvious signs of wear and tear that affect many offices. A quick survey of your office will tell you if these are needed.

Are you planning any decorative work? If so, a Carpet and Hard Floor Protector will give you a much better chance of keeping your carpets and floors looking immaculate.

Do you have office staff using chairs on wheels? Take a look at the carpets underneath the chairs. Chances are they have already begun to show signs of damage. If they have, it is definitely time to invest in some of our protective Chair Mats for Hard Floors or Carpets. Even if the area is damage free, it is worth considering installing the mats anyway — prevention is always better, and cheaper, than cure.

Your Floor Protection Options

Damage to carpets and hard flooring can be difficult to disguise. It can also be very difficult to repair, so making floors look good again can often mean an expensive replacement. Our Carpet and Hard Floor Protectors are designed to be used during building and decorating work, and will protect your flooring from paint and dust, amongst other damaging factors. This type of floor protector is also flame retardant so will help to ward off fire damage if the worst does happen. This is a self-adhesive film that is fixed to the floor, ensuring that you are provided with the necessary protection whilst adhering to health and safety regulations.

If the risk of fire does concern you, then you should consider a Fire Resistant Spray. This is a spray that will help to protect any material that can absorb water. It can be used to spray wool, cotton, nylon and blends of fibres to protect objects from the risk of fire. If you have any concerns about the chemical content of the spray, it will ease your mind to know that this solution is colourless, odourless and non-toxic.

Another major cause of damage, particularly in offices, is the damage that chairs can do to carpets. Many office chairs are on wheels and as they are moved around the carpet beneath them will become worn over time. One of the easiest ways to protect the flooring is to add a Chair Mat for Hard Floors or Carpets. These mats have been created from strong PVC and will also help to protect hard floors from scratches and other marks. They are easy to put into place and they have a slightly bevelled edge so they are not a trip hazard and the chair will still be able to move easily on them.

Other Floor Safety Products

We have many other safety products related to flooring that may be of interest to you. For example, some our most effective Safety Signs are within our range of Floor Signs. These are highly-visible and are printed on durable material protected by an anti-slip overlaminate. They cover a wide range of safety messages, with everything from Fire Exit Floor Signs to ‘No Food Or Drink’ Floor Signs. We even have custom options available in case you cannot find the message and symbol that you require.

Keeping people safe from slips, trips and falls is another factor to consider when looking at floor safety. Products such as our Economy Wet Floor Stands and our Pedestrian Warning Cones are must-haves to ensure that employees and visitors are aware of any potentially hazardous cleaning in progress.

Our wide selection of Cable Protection products can also greatly increase the safety of your team in areas where computer or printer cables are located. By running cables through these highly-visible and durable products, you can prevent a trip hazard from becoming an issue.