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Coronavirus Signage

Need help? Need help? Get exactly the right COVID signage for your situation Clear, Easy-Fit UK “Coronavirus Signage” - Fast Delivery

Looking for a wide choice of COVID signs and posters? We are the UK signage experts. Hand made or free downloaded printed posters are no longer sufficient to stop the spread of coronavirus as we learn to live within the rules and guidance. We have exactly the size, message AND material you’re looking for. So whether that’s floor signs and tape, wall and door signs, ‘wear PPE’ signs, social distance signs, multi-material and fitting, or even easy to use reposition-able talking signs! We have everything you need.

We’ve all heard a lot about COVID-19 in recent months, but one unfortunate side effect of this is that people start to tune-out. Please Wear A Face Mask Signs and clear, bold COVID awareness posters refocus our attention when it’s badly needed, and reinforce the need to comply with infection-control procedures as we struggle to combat one of the world’s worst ever pandemics.

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Our One-Stop Coronavirus Signage Guide

To help you identify the COVID signage you need, you can refer to the government’s easy-access guidance regarding tier-related restrictions and what businesses need to do to protect staff and customers. Our signs will help make your workplace COVID-secure, and have been designed to suit multiple locations.

Our “shop coronavirus signs”, for instance, work just as well in factories, supermarkets and public buildings, and can include floor, wall-mounted or even hanging signage for use in corridors. COVID signage restaurants or pubs will enforce the need to wear a mask and observe safe social distancing while queuing to be seated or served. Our floor stencils and footprints are particularly suited for use at serving counters, shop tills or in queues.

If you’re looking for COVID signage for hotels, however, you will probably be more interested in wall signs (ideal for use in lifts), as floor signage is best suited to hard rather than carpeted floors (though our Keep Your Distance Floor Mats are useful for hotel reception areas).

COVID signage for sports centres, gyms or hotel spas will emphasise the need to wear masks, observe social distancing and sanitise equipment after use.

When it comes to school coronavirus signage, our experts have introduced colourful, eye-catching designs such as this Wash Your Hands Sign to help children to engage with important safety messages.

Our Quick-Start Guide to Coronavirus Posters and Signs:

What if I Work in a High-Risk Industry?

In some lines of work, it’s impossible to avoid contact with other people who may be infected, especially in the case of frontline staff. In this type of situation, it’s essential to identify high-risk areas. Our COVID-19 – Warning Keep Out Sign is a good example of how to signpost hazardous areas and manage risk. Signage should be used to demarcate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) stations and provide illustrated guidance for employees on how to put on and remove PPE safely. It should also be used to direct visitors to sanitation areas and temperature checking stations. Well-planned signage will ensure that your workplace is as safe as it can be under the circumstances.

Are There Any Particular Features I Should Look for in Coronavirus Signage?

Our wall signs are manufactured in various sizes and materials, from rigid plastic or polycarbonate to repositionable and flexible vinyl, which is particularly suited to uneven or curved walls. We also stock sign fixings for every eventuality.

If you are using floor signs or mats, bear in mind that they may be subject to heavy pedestrian traffic. Make sure that they are made from durable materials such as our Toughstripe™ Floor Marking Tape Footprints to ensure that important wording won’t be scuffed away. Consider the lighting conditions in your premises and make sure that you use high-contrast signs in areas where they might otherwise be missed.

Do I Need Infection Control Signage at Work?

Responsible businesses take infection prevention and control seriously, and always have. Coronavirus may have focused us all when it comes to best practices in this area, but it always has, and always will be, important to protect staff and customers from germs, infection and disease. Most businesses need some form of signage to encourage infection control, such as a ‘how to wash your hands’ sign in bathrooms and workshop areas, and hand sanitiser signage in areas where it is not so easy to wash hands with soap and water.

If you have put hand sanitiser stations around your business, then it will undoubtedly be beneficial to add a please use hand sanitiser sign or a ‘sanitise your hands’ sign nearby. In addition, if the coronavirus crisis has taught us anything, it is that many of us were not washing our hands correctly or adequately, so a How To Wash Your Hands Poster can also be useful.

What Type of Hand Sanitisers Do I Need?

The World Health Organisation Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care stress that alcohol-based hand sanitisers are needed in order to be sure that you are neutralising the germs on your hands. High-quality, alcohol-based hand sanitisers should be available at relevant points around your business premises and are particularly important when more than one employee is using a workstation, set of tools, or vehicle. Here at Seton, we provide a wide range of hand sanitiser options, including alcohol-based hand sanitiser gel and hand sanitiser dispensers.

What Is the Correct Procedure for Washing Hands?

The NHS has published guidelines, and a video, along with a hand-washing technique poster. It’s important that you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, using enough soap to cover your hands completely, and ensuring that you wash the back of your hands and clean thoroughly between your fingers. The NHS also advises drying hands with a disposable paper towel when possible and using the towel to turn off the tap. When washing your hands after using a public bathroom, it is also advisable to use a paper towel to open the door, disposing of it once outside.

Make sure that you also wash your hands thoroughly after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing, before eating or handling food, before and after treating a cut or wound, and after touching animals, including your pets. You will also want to wash your hands when you arrive at work, and when you return home in the evening, as well as at frequent intervals during the day.

What Is the Coronavirus Procedure at Work?

The UK government is keen to limit the spread of coronavirus while not causing businesses and individuals any more financial hardship than necessary. It is vital that everyone who can work from home should do so. If this is not possible, or if jobs are considered essential, then staff and business owners must take all reasonable precautions to ensure infection prevention and control. This includes frequently cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and objects that are touched regularly, frequent hand washing and sanitation, the correct use and cleaning of PPE when appropriate, and carefully monitoring the health of employees.

Any employee with symptoms of coronavirus must be sent home and immediately quarantine themselves according to government guidelines, and anyone who is especially vulnerable should be strongly advised and supported to stay at home. The government has put new measures in place to support businesses and employees throughout the crisis, which may help you, as a business, determine what your policy should be.

We have also created a Workplace Social Distancing Page, a step-by-step indispensable guide, which is designed to give you all the information needed to plan and implement social distancing measures at work.

What Is the Best Infection Control Signage for My Business?

This will depend on your circumstances, but here are some infection control posters and signs that may be useful:

To learn everything you need to know to help your business deal with Coronavirus, then check out our ultimate guide to Coronavirus Infection Control.

Coronavirus Signs for Schools

We all want to keep children safe from coronavirus. But without the right coronavirus protection products, everyone is at major risk of being infected.

Fortunately, there are measures you can take to help protect your children and staff. Here at Seton, we have all the high quality COVID-19 protection products you need to
stay safe.

We know how difficult it is to make sure children adhere to the new rules. This is why we now stock a range of fun and friendly coronavirus awareness signs designed specifically for children to encourage them to stick to the social distancing and hygiene rules.

Our COVID-19 signs for Schools are designed to educate children on coronavirus using a gentle approach, whilst also helping to communicate what is required of them in and around the classroom.

How to Prevent the Spread of Infectious Diseases

Infection prevention and control is top of mind right now, but the advice is not new and it is really quite simple. Practise good hygiene, and in particular hand hygiene. Wash your hands properly and regularly, and use hand sanitiser when this is not possible. Avoid touching your face whenever possible. Catch all sneezes and coughs in a tissue, or use your sleeve if this is not practical. Throw away tissues and wash your hands (again) after sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose. Clean surfaces and objects that are handled by different people regularly. Use gloves and other appropriate PPE when necessary.

Perhaps most importantly, do not go out when you are sick, and practise social distancing. While these measures are being taken to the extreme during the coronavirus pandemic, they are always a good idea when suffering with any potentially infectious illness.

Here at Seton, we have a range of infection control signage available. If you have any questions, feel free to call us and ask our friendly experts for advice.