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Smoking Area Signs

With the law prohibiting people from smoking in certain public areas it’s vital for businesses to communicate to staff and visitors where they can smoke and where they are prohibited from doing so. We have a good selection of smoking area signs in a range of sizes and materials that will help people know where they are allowed to smoke both standard and electronic cigarettes.

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If you cannot find the sign you are looking for, then why not create your own?

In addition to providing a place for people to smoke, arrangements should be made to keep the area tidy.

Clearly display your smoking area signage with sign fixings that are suitable for use indoors, outdoors, or both.

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Designated smoking areas are popping up everywhere due to the no smoking legislation, and making sure these areas are properly signposted is important. If a visitor or member of staff at your premises is smoking in the wrong place then either they, or you, run the risk of being fined.

We have safety signs that simply say ‘Smoking area’ or ‘Designated smoking area’, which are both short and to the point. Anyone would be hard pressed to not understand where the designated smoking area is with these signs that feature the safe condition green background. If you want to ensure that smokers remember to keep the area tidy, then there is also a range of signs available for that.

Bin It – Keep Areas Tidy

Most designated smoking areas will have bins for cigarette ends to keep the smoking area tidy. It is important that no rubbish is placed in these bins as it can easily cause a fire; therefore we have available a range of warning signs to caution smokers about making sure only cigarette ends go in the cigarette bin. A separate litter bin should be provided for all other rubbish, which can also be signposted to reinforce your message.

Sign Materials and Sizes

Our smoking area signs are available in a range of sizes and materials to suit all applications, from standard self-adhesive vinyl and rigid plastic to aluminium or deluxe metal look signs for a more prestigious look. If you have more than one smoking area on your premises then consider our economical pack of 6 signs.

Some companies may choose to ban cigarettes completely but allow electronic cigarettes to be used on site. If this is the case, then there are signs that clearly state this, as even if the company has a designated smoking area, it may be for vaping only.

All of our signs can be affixed to a wall or other flat surface, such as the sides of a smoking shelter. We also have available signs that can be temporarily attached to an upright; for example a lamppost, telegraph pole or even fencing.

Custom Smoking Signs

You might need a custom made sign that features the easily recognisable cigarette symbol but with wording that is unique to your company. Simply follow the 5 easy steps and we will make it for you – it really is that simple to get the exact sign to suit your needs.