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Industrial Flooring

Choosing suitable flooring for industrial settings is an essential element of health and safety compliance. Our range of industrial matting products offers a choice of flooring solutions that can be easily incorporated into industrial and manufacturing settings to help minimise the risk of slips, trips and falls, and to reduce the effects of fatigue on workers that have to stand to work. Choose from a selection of industrial matting options that meet the needs of different workspaces, from standard use to heavy duty. All of our industrial matting products are hardwearing and easy to install, making them the perfect solution to your industrial flooring needs.

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Industrial Floor Mats: Buying Guide

Industrial settings make a unique set of demands on the installed flooring, which also needs to be well chosen, with both the comfort and the safety of workers, customers and visitors in mind.

At Seton, we are proud to offer an extensive range of industrial matting products to help meet your floor covering needs within any industrial setting.

Our comprehensive selection of industrial matting options covers everything from light and standard use areas to higher traffic areas, where heavy duty flooring products may be required. Every industrial matting floor product within our range is designed to be easily installed and hard wearing once installed, allowing you to choose your preferred industrial matting with confidence that it can stand the test of time.

In areas of lighter use, you may wish to opt for our light duty industrial matting product, which is designed to be installed in lower traffic areas with less heavy industrial use. Workers in the areas where this flooring is installed will be able to benefit from the effect of increased insulation, protecting them from the discomfort that could otherwise be caused by a potentially cold concrete floor. At the same time, the dual direction, cross-rib design of our light duty matting for industrial areas also offers workers increased traction and better grip to help reduce the risk of them becoming a victim of workplace slips and falls, thus improving health and safety standards within the workplace.

Alternatively, if there is additional traffic or more intense industrial processes, you may wish to consider installing some of our standard duty industrial matting product. This industrial matting also incorporates a cross-ribbed design for added grip and traction that passes anti-slip testing procedures. The thicker, standard duty matting also works to reduce the adverse effects of fatigue on standing workers, while the PVC plastic matting material from which the matting is manufactured is flame retardant and is resistant to both mild acid products and alkalis – chemicals that may be used in the manufacturing environment.

Finally, for heavier use and high traffic areas within the manufacturing and industrial workplace, we offer a choice of heavy-duty industrial matting. This product is not only designed to be resistant to the effects of most industrial oil products and manufacturing chemicals, but also features a close pitch hole pattern, which makes it more compatible with areas where wheeled truck and trolley use may also be necessary. This flame retardant flooring solution is perfect for walkways and main production lines and is easily installed and maintained.

Whatever your industrial matting needs, you can choose with confidence from the Seton range, knowing that both installation and maintenance will be simple and up to standard.