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Ear Protection Signs

Ear protection in the workplace is a major health and safety issue and it is one that employers should not ignore. Health and safety signage can advise people about the areas of the workplace in which they should be using ear protection and when they should put it on.

Damage to hearing can very rarely be reversed, so it is very important not to take any risks, particularly when the right hearing protection can reduce the possibility of any damage. Our range of Ear Protection Signs can help you to ensure that the employees, visitors and members of the public present on your site are made aware of any potential risks.

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Health and Safety

It is the responsibility of every employee to ensure that their workforce is adequately protected from the health and safety risks found in each workplace. Ear Protection Signs are informative signs that tell workers and visitors that particular areas of the workplace require the use of hearing protection such as Ear Muffs or Ear Plugs.

The most popular sign in our range is the ‘Hearing Protection Must Be Worn’ Sign. This basic sign features they widely-recognised image of a head wearing ear defenders accompanied by the words ‘Hearing protection must be worn’ in bold, easy-to-read text making the message clear. These signs are available in singles or multipacks, which are ideal for the larger workplace.

It could also be the case that certain equipment can pose a risk, one that might not be evident when not in use. Signage such as our ‘Wear Ear Protectors When Operating This Machine’ Signs make it clear that a particular piece of equipment should not be used unless wearing ear protection.

Warn of the Risks

Though some signs mandate the use of Ear Protection Equipment, the repercussions of not doing so are not always clear and so sometimes these can be ignored. By using dramatic warning messages, such as those used on our ‘You Only Have One Pair Of Ears! Protect Them’ Signs, you can provide a reminder that if they do not do the right thing by wearing ear protection then the damage will last forever.

You can also opt for a sign that warns of a noise hazard, with the widely-recognised yellow warning triangle and the information all on the one sign. Our ‘Noise Hazard/Ear Protectors Available On Request’ Signs can ensure that workers and visitors are warned of the dangers and given the choice to opt for ear protection or not.

You can use these signs in conjunction with floor signs such as our ‘This Is An Ear Protection Zone’ Anti-Slip Floor Signs to create a zone in the workplace where staff and visitors will have no doubt as to the risks of entering without wearing the right ear protection.

Materials and Fixings

All of our Safety Signs are made to meet the latest industry standards and regulations. Our range of durable materials mean that you can be sure that your purchase will last for years to come.

See our Sign Fixings to see what options are available to make sure your signs will stay securely in place including indoor and outdoor applications as well as magnetic options for use on machinery or shelving units.

Our selection of signs covers the vast majority of hearing protection messages you may need. However, if for any reason you determine none of the products are suitable for your needs, try out our custom sign service and design your own signs down to the very last detail including text, symbols, images and even corporate logos.