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Meters & Measures

Meters and Measures have a number of uses across a wide variety of workplaces. From measuring physical spaces to monitoring levels for safety purposes, meters and measures can improve the comfort, safety and efficiency of a work premises. Several laws govern workplace safety including levels of light and noise; failure to abide by them can leave you vulnerable to prosecution in a court of law. The use of meters and measures are a tried and trusted method to monitor safety levels at your work site, allowing you to take the necessary steps to improve the safety of your employees.

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Choosing Measuring Devices

Measurements are a routine part of many occupations, with the need to measure physical dimensions for construction or maintenance purposes, as well as the monitoring of light, sound, air leakage, voltage and moisture levels for the assurance of safety of all individuals on the premises. You will find meters and measures for all these purposes in the range at Seton, giving you the ability to monitor levels at all times and take whatever action is needed to safeguard everyone on-site.

Exposing your employees to harmful levels of noise can have long term health consequences, while poor lighting conditions may make accidents more likely due to poor visibility. These are just two of the possible consequences of failing to monitor levels. With a large amount of health and safety legislation for companies to negotiate, it can often be hard for companies to know where to start. At Seton, we live by the motto ‘safety made easy’ and our wide range of products enables you to maintain the highest safety standards on your premises. All of our products comply with the relevant UK and EU safety laws, and we are happy to provide additional advice if necessary, so please get in touch. As a leading retailer of health and safety products, we will be happy to discuss which products are best suited to your needs.

The range of meters and measures we provide at Seton range from simple measuring wheels to gadgets able to accurately monitor light, sound and moisture. All are designed to be long-lasting and able to cope with adverse conditions such as poor weather. They are all easily portable, allowing one device to cover a large range. Useful features such as backlighting allow for effortless operation, while automatic power off after a period of inactivity helps to save money on running costs.

The use of meters and measures can alert you to any problems at your work premises and allow you to take action to rectify them. For example, if noise levels are high but cannot be reduced, we stock a range of Hearing Protection equipment and hearing protection signs, while for low lighting levels we provide a wide range of Torches.

Maintaining high safety standards will protect your employees from harm, as well as ensuring all work completed meets legislative regulations imposed by the government. Taking effective steps to achieve this will demonstrate your commitment to the highest safety standards, providing reassurance for employees, clients and the general public. Our range of metres and measures will give you the peace of mind of knowing that conditions in your workplace comply with relevant health and safety legislation and maximise productivity of your workforce. Browse our range or get in touch for more information.