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Litter Pickers

Keeping any workplace neat and tidy is an ongoing task. There are always going to be people who find it very difficult to put their litter in the bin, with somebody having to pick up after them. If you are working in a rented building, the property owner might carry out this task in the grounds to keep the area tidy but most of the time your company will have to arrange for a maintenance person to do the job. They need the right equipment to do the job – you don’t want to have them picking up litter with their hands, as there are a number of health and safety implications to this.

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Buying Litter Picking Equipment

It is important to consider that when doing a job like litter picking that there is always the potential for a person to hurt themselves if they are constantly bending down to pick things up. Litter pickers are a potential solution and they are available in a range of sizes. Having a litter picker removes the need for anyone to pick up a piece of litter with their hands because the pickers can be used and controlled from around hip height, to grab and a piece of litter. It can then be released into a rubbish bag without the need to touch it at all. Litter such as plastic bottles, tin cans, cartons and paper can all be collected this way. Each of the litter pickers is different so you do need to consider the type of litter that is going to be collected – it could be that you have a problem with one particular type so you only need one type of litter picker. The litter pickers themselves are very light and made from strong aluminium.

If you have a dedicated member of staff who is going to be dealing with litter picking then a kit could be the answer. It does include one of the aforementioned litter pickers but also has a high visibility waistcoat to ensure that the user is seen clearly at all times – essential if the litter picking is being done in a car park or other non-secure area. The kit also includes gloves which are deemed essential due to the unhygienic nature of handling waste or bin bags with bare hands. The final piece of equipment included is a sack hoop, to keep the litter bag open while collecting the litter and depositing it into the bag.

The same kit is also available to include 200 of the litter bags. It will depend upon how much litter picking is being done and the area covered as to whether or not 200 bags will be needed, but there is no doubt that some bags are needed so this fuller kit might be a better investment.

It is not a pleasant job collecting litter and it is important to remember that the member of staff doing this job will be going outside in all weathers, so the better equipped they are the easier it is going to be for them to do the job. You may wish to consider our selection of PPE such as safety footwear and gloves or thermal clothing. The kits are a good solution for the smaller workplace where one member of staff will be taking on this responsibility, but for larger workplaces, bigger quantities of litter picking equipment will be needed.