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Keeping people safe in the workplace is of paramount importance. It is also imperative that businesses inform staff, visitors and customers of access rules and restrictions by placing access labels around the workplace.

Access markers such as no forklift labels, notify everyone of environments where only certain people, equipment or machinery are allowed so there should be no accidents or damage caused. These should be used in combination with other health and safety signage to ensure regulations are followed and your employees are protected. Find out more by reading our access labels buying guide below.

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Access Sticker Buying Guide

It is essential that you have the access labels your workplace requires so everyone is aware of which areas may or may not have restrictions placed upon them. We have a variety of types of access labels suitable for different areas within the workplace. Restriction label messages include, “No Entry”, and “No Dogs except Guide Dogs”, alongside disability awareness labels, such as wheelchair symbol and hearing loop symbol labels. We also provide security access labels that remind people to keep items locked or advises of CCTV use.

Labels can be placed around the workplace to advise and communicate Health and Safety information ensuring members of staff and the public are advised of potentially hazardous situations. Our labels are self-adhesive and require no other fixings, and depending on the design of the labels, are available on a roll or in packs. Most of the access labels we stock are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, whilst our photoluminescent options are best suited to indoor use for maximum visibility.

All our access labels comply with current Health and Safety legislation and conform to BS EN ISO 7010 where required. Our access labels feature universally recognised symbols understood by everyone around the world. This means options such as our no entry labels can be easily understood, even if they are accompanied by complicated instructions. This basic information could be lifesaving to someone who might have difficulty otherwise.

Labels make a good alternative to standard signs as they can be moved around to fit the needs of your business. If you need to restrict access to a certain area such as a temporary service counter in a retail location or ad hoc storage location in a warehouse they are ideal. Available in a choice of sizes, they are highly visible and quick and easy to put up or take down.

By using the correct combination of access labels and safety signs you can keep your workplace accident and damage free.

Maintaining Health and Safety is vital for any business, not only for the benefit of workers but also to ensure you are complying with the relevant legislation. Fixing the necessary access labels around your premises to inform and protect is an important part of health and safety provision. Letting individuals know that they can’t enter certain parts of your workplace for safety reasons would avoid legal liability if someone ignored the warning signs and was injured as a result.

If you prefer, you can design your own customised access labels here on our website if you can’t see what you are looking for within our selection.