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Coronavirus Information Signs

Need help? Need help? What COVID-19 safety signage does your workplace need? Built-to-last, informative Coronavirus Information Signs

With the world in the grips of a life-threatening pandemic, signage plays a vital role in the implementation of safe, and often mandatory, practices to help the public protect themselves and others, and reduce transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Seton’s range of professional coronavirus safety signs includes both repositionable and permanent built-to-last signs. Our safety experts have created purpose-designed posters, signs, mats and floor marking kits to cover every situation. The ever-expanding range of categories includes coronavirus danger signs, quarantine signs, informational guides, floor stencils and footprints to demonstrate correct social distancing, and ensure that your business can operate safely during the pandemic.

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Coronavirus Safety Signs: What Do You Need?

The advice has been drummed into us: ‘Wear a Mask; ‘Keep your Distance’; ‘Wash your Hands; ‘Use a Tissue for Coughs’ – yet still we need reminding.

If your premises are open to the public, you have a duty of care to all those who enter, to keep them safe and informed through prominently-placed coronavirus safety signage. To make this as easy as possible, Seton has compiled a comprehensive range of top-quality coronavirus safety signs for less, with fast delivery to make sure you are compliant with government regulations.

An Introduction to Coronavirus Information Signs

All businesses, from small grocery stores to large retail outlets, schools and colleges, GP or dental surgeries to community hospitals, will need COVID-19 signage – even if it’s just a basic coronavirus We Are Open Sign. It will therefore be no surprise that our products are available in a wide range of materials and sizes, and span a variety of categories, including infection transmission, social distancing, hand sanitising stations, the wearing of appropriate PPE, and more.

Here’s a quick overview to get you started:

  • Coronavirus safety signs for workplace compliance – information signs such as our Customer Safety Sign and Please Wear a Face Mask Sign inform and remind customers of the ‘rules of the house’.

  • Coronavirus health and safety signs – these include advisory and warning signs, such as the Protect Yourself Sign and Site Safety Sign to highlight health and safety risks to site visitors.

  • Quarantine signs – such as the Keep Out Covid-19 Sign flag up areas that may be unsafe to unauthorised staff or visitors. These are particularly suited to healthcare settings.

  • PPE signs – for example, our Virus Outbreak Wear PPE Sign – are an essential part of your signage strategy, reminding employees to wear appropriate PPE.

  • And more…

Government Guidance and Coronavirus Mandatory Signs

The HSE has issued a checklist to help businesses comply with coronavirus safety signs UK guidance. Its recommendations start with a COVID-19 risk assessment to identify infection risk and help you plan the coronavirus signage that will be needed to manage virus transmission. Please call our Customer Service Team to check availability if you wish to place a large order.

Other Types of Coronavirus Safety Signs

Our COVID-19 range doesn’t stop with coronavirus information signs. Read our handy guides to ensure you are fully conversant with government guidance on infection control, the implementation of social distancing measures, and the use of safety-tested hygiene products to keep your work environment safe and hygienic. We also carry a full range of vaccine centre signage.