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Knee Protection

Knee pads or kneeling pads are essential PPE for those who might be putting pressure on their knees during their work. The knees often are overlooked when it comes to the provision of the right PPE, but protecting them from damage is easy. It must be remembered that damage to the knee is difficult to put right, and it could mean that a worker is left on painkillers or needing surgery if they do any damage to them, so have a look at our product guide.

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Our Range Of Knee Protectors

Those who have to kneel a lot while working should be issued with protective knee pads. The Ergodyne Proflex Knee Pads offer protection from the pressure that can be applied to the knee when resting on a hard surface. This product features a unique patented suspension cap that gives the wearer comfort all day, and the pads are stable when in use. The knee pads are adjustable so that the user can make sure they are a comfortable fit. Free from silicon, the materials used include urethane gel and EVA foam so that they still allow complete mobility. The knee is cushioned and protected from impact and vibrations. These knee pads have been designed for use in industries such as construction and home improvements.

Some workers may not like to wear knee pads all the time, and if they only occasionally have to kneel down, it might be better for you to issue them with a kneeling pad like Ergodyne Proflex® . There are several brands available and they have many benefits. They come in a compact size, making them easy to carry around and store and they will be comfortable to use both indoors and out. With antistatic and waterproof features, it is practical to use them in a variety of conditions, and keeping them clean is easy as you can simply hand-wash them.

There are knee pads that are designed for heavy use, such as the Proflex 200 Copolymer Knee Pads, but they have a lightweight design. With a closure strap that is a single loop, they will remain in place during use and will not move about when you need protection the most. They are manufactured from resilient copolymer padding and are among the best options for PPE for knees. To give them the best lifespan possible, only hand-clean these items.

With a great range of PPE available, there is no reason why the knees should be neglected. A health and safety risk assessment will point out which tasks and which workers are most at risk from damage to their knees, and PPE should then be issued appropriately. It is also important to listen to the concerns of workers who may only have to kneel once in a while, perhaps to tidy cables under a desk. Having a spare kneeling pad in the office will help to prevent any injuries while this minor task is carried out. Ensure that workers know that the kneeling pad is available, and make sure that it is easily accessible. Preventing injuries in the workplace is far cheaper for the employer than dealing with the after-effects of an accident when staff may need to take time off sick, and you may need to hire in additional staff to cover their role.