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Line Marking & Surface Repair

Need help? Need help? How to use road marking and surface repair equipment User-Rated High Performance Line Marking Equipment

Here at Seton, we want to help you keep your premises in tip top condition. Our surface repair products are designed to put the power into your hands, so you don’t need to call on costly external help when something goes wrong. Furthermore, our line marking equipment gives you complete control of your outdoor layout, making traffic flow and parking provision easy.

A well-maintained and attractive outside area will make a good first impression on visitors to your site. Seton can supply a comprehensive range of car park accessories including safety signs and barriers that work in conjunction with our line marking and surface repair solutions to ensure the approach to your building looks smart and professional. To learn more about line marking and car park repair as well as indoor floor maintenance, read our helpful buying guide and frequently asked questions.

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Road Marking & Repairs Buying Guide

Some people pay through the nose to have contractors do everything, but with Seton, a quality finish doesn’t need to break the bank. Our line marking and surface repair equipment is designed to make these recurrent tasks easy, so you will not require any special training to do a good job. With the right gear, you need never be dependent on outside help again.

Car Park Line Painting

We stock a range of line marking materials, from water-based and rubberised paints to sprays and thermoplastic tape. This gives you a lot of flexibility regarding where you want to use them, how you want to apply them, and the effect you want to create. Thermoplastic tape, for instance, looks really bright and clear when in place. Sprays are useful when you want to mark a line quickly and easily, and rubberised paints are great for uneven surfaces because they still go on evenly.

Using an applicator makes it easy to mark lines without having to get down on the ground, so you can do it at any time without messing up your professional appearance. We stock several different types of applicator. As a rule, those with more wheels are steadier for sharp, straight lines while those with fewer wheels are perfect when you want to paint curves or complex shapes.

When you have finished making your basic markings, you can use our range of stencils to add useful words or symbols so that drivers can find their way around with a minimum of fuss.

Car Park Repairs

To make painting your car park worthwhile, you will need to look after it. We stock a range of products designed to help you deal with ice and snow and reduce winter damage. For serious problems you can use our pothole repair kits whilst other smal scale repair solutions will fill in cracks and stop them getting worse. Floor levellers can be used as a preventative measure to significantly reduce the risk of potholes and improve the appearance of your premises.

Floor Maintenance

We also supply products you can use to repair or protect indoor flooring. These are especially useful in industrial environments like factories and warehouses where floors come under heavy use. Some of our line markers can be used indoors too. You’ll find them helpful for delineating areas like warehouse bays so that everything moves around smoothly. Making simple changes to your layout with floor markings can have a major impact on workplace efficiency.

We are confident that you can find what you are looking for in our collection, which has everything you need to look after your floors and car park independently.


Can I use line marking paint on grass?

Not all line marking paint is designed to work on grass but we do stock products that will.

I find it hard to paint straight lines. Is there anything I can do?

Our selection of templates and rulers will help you paint straight lines. We also have chalk which you can use to get lines right before making them permanent.

Can I get a smooth surface on my car park even if there are potholes?

You will need to use a pothole repair kit such as the one included in the Instarmac range before completing the resurfacing. These are simple to use and do not require you to have any special skills.

What if I want to mark an unusual surface?

We have paints designed to work on a variety of different materials, indoors and out. Spending time preparing flooring using primers or other surface coatings can save time in the long run and enhance the look of your work.

How can I find out about pothole safety?

Our legislation watch article explains the rules and regulations regarding potholes and your responsibilities as a business for the safety of staff and visitors.

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