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Metal Padlocks

Need help? Need help? How can metal padlocks improve your lockout program? Lockout tagout is an important process that ensures you stay compliant with health and safety legislation. In order for this system to be effective you will want to consider the variety of securing options we supply.

Securing lockout devices in place has a twofold effect, not only will the application of padlocks ensure that the devices will stay in place and act as a notification that people are working to repair machinery, it will also stop unauthorised individuals from removing the equipment prematurely. Our range of metal padlocks is sure to deliver strong and durable security for your lockout procedure.

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Metal Lockout Safety Padlocks: Buying Guide

During the implementation of your lockout procedure, securing your lockout devices in place is of paramount importance, when locking out machinery you will need to also attach a padlock to secure the device in place, the reasons for this are obvious as it adds vital security and lets others know that the device is not to be tampered with.

Our lockout safety padlocks come in a variety of types to suit the many different environments they will be used in. We have separated them out into the two most common types and the ones that lockout procedures will usually be used for. This category, metal padlocks encompasses all those that are for use in mainly a purely mechanical capacity, as in securing valve lockout devices, of which we supply a wide variety, and those to be used with our metal hasps.

A hasp and padlock is a great way of creating the ability for multiple people to secure machinery in need of repair or maintenance, with the addition of a hasp you enable many padlocks to be used to secure any given lockout device or lockout storage cabinet. The hasps we supply are also compartmentalised into plastic and metal hasp options, since one of the main uses for lockout equipment is to isolate the power of electrical machinery, having a purely non-conductive option is ideal.

Safety Padlocks are Essential to the Lockout Process

We offer a variety of ways in which to obtain the adequate amount of padlocks needed for your lockout process, as every workplace will have different needs the amount and type of padlocks vary greatly. Our lockout kits offer a comprehensive and varied amount of lockout equipment in one handy solution; lockout starter kits are a perfect way to start your own lockout system and are supplied with padlocks as are all of our kits. The electrical lockout kits are all designed to be non-conductive and include plastic padlocks, but due to their high usage in lockout situations we also have an entire category dedicated to supplying you with these vital pieces of safety equipment.

Metal padlocks offer a strong and robust way of securing not only lockout devices but also the storage boxes, bags and cabinets you will use to keep the lockout equipment safe when not in use. Many of the lockout boxes and cabinets that we supply can be used as storage for the padlocks themselves, when using lockout hasps to secure equipment many padlocks can be used, as part of a successful lockout procedure. If there are many people responsible for carrying out your lockout process it can be best to give each person a padlock that is specific to them only, so that at a glance the maintenance team can see who is working on what at any given time.

The security of your lockout process is an essential element in ensuring that your lockout system is successful when it is needed, having adequate safety padlocks will help keep your employees safe and compliant with health and safety legislation.