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Legislation Books

Business owners and employers have a duty of care to all their employees and other workers on their premises, and we recognise that having access to and understanding the relevant legislation is key to complying with this duty. For this reason, we offer a selection of health and safety legislation books and tools that can signpost and clarify the relevant rules and regulations that govern workplace practices. Our legislation books are a key component of any workplace health and safety strategy, providing an accessible reference for those responsible for the design and implementation of health and safety policy and practice.

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Work Safety Regulation Guides

Legislation for health and safety is there to govern and guide employers in keeping employees and other workers on their premises safe while they carry out their daily duties. All business owners and workplace bosses need to be familiar with the relevant health and safety legislation and to have an understanding of how it affects and influences working practices on their premises.

Our selection of legislation books has been put together to provide those with a responsibility for workplace health and safety provision with an accessible and easy to understand reference regarding all relevant health and safety regulation.

The legislation books range from Seton provides employers with important information on a range of health and safety rules that need to be taken into account when designing and implementing workplace health and safety practices.

Legislation book products can also be made accessible to workers in order to help with the provision of health and safety training, as well as offering a helpful go-to reference in the event of any health and safety legislation queries arising within the workplace.

Our health and safety legislation tools take the form of a range of literature and display pieces that detail pertinent health and safety legislation, making it easy for workers and bosses to access information on rules and expectations created to reduce the risk of accident and injury within the workplace.

Choose from our range of legislation pocket guides, which can be distributed as part of comprehensive employee training practice to help management and workers gain an understanding of the health and safety law as it applies to their workplace. It is also a handy reference in the event that questions are raised about health and safety rules and practice within the workplace.

We also sell a selection of health and safety legislation wallcharts and posters, which allow for the prominent display of relevant health and safety regulations within the workplace. These durable reference guides can be wall-mounted for ease of visibility, using our sign fixings or poster fixings, and help to ensure that anyone entering or using your business premises is kept fully informed of health and safety expectations and can understand how they are affected.

Choosing to incorporate our health and safety legislation books and tools into a workplace health and safety strategy is an easy way to ensure that relevant legislation information is clearly disseminated to staff who are affected. These items can be used to aid the creation of health and safety policy within the workplace and as a tool to reinforce safe practice at work, providing helpful information for both bosses and employees who are affected by the demands of health and safety laws.