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Circuit Breaker Lockout

Need help? Need help? How will these devices enhance lockout procedure? Electrical faults can be the cause of serious injuries. Lockout-tagout offers an effective method of preventing equipment use until maintenance can be carried out, and a circuit breaker lockout is an important part of your lockout-tagout kit. Taking steps to prevent accidents is a vital part of a good health and safety strategy and will help you comply with health and safety laws.

The circuit breaker is the point where electrical maintenance workers can switch off the power until it is safe to use again. We have a comprehensive range of circuit breaker lockout devices to keep power isolated.

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Circuit Breaker Lockouts Isolate Electrical Power Sources Effectively

Electrical faults should always be taken seriously. The risk of injuries could range from a simple shock to a fatality. Electrical issues can also be a fire hazard and may be particularly serious if your company handles flammable materials such as chemicals or gases. The first step that many maintenance teams will carry out in the event of an electrical fault is to turn the power off at the circuit breaker. A circuit breaker lockout can then be applied to the switch or toggle, making sure that it remains securely in the off position until it is safe to turn on the power again.

The circuit breaker lockout devices in the range at Seton have a robust design and are made from non-conductive materials such as nylon or polyurethane. Many have a snap-on design and need no further attachments other than the cable ties that are supplied with the device. Options also include circuit breaker lockout devices with detachable cleats, which can be expanded to fit the required size of the switch. As well as circuit breaker lockouts to fit switches, we also have some designed for toggles, which are easily attached and should be used with a padlock. Take a look at our range of lockout padlocks to ensure that you have everything you need to use your circuit breaker lockout devices as soon as they are needed.

To make the range as versatile as possible, we also stock extra cleats that are suitable for large switches, and a selection of mount rails that can help to prevent damage occurring to delicate electrical equipment.

Preparing Your Lockout Procedures

Creating an effective health and safety strategy that fully complies with the law is something that many companies find daunting. We aim to make the process as easy as possible. As a leading retailer of workplace safety products, we make sure that all of our products meet the required safety standards. If you have any questions about our circuit breaker lockout devices or any other products, please get in touch – we will be glad to help.

We have everything that you need to create an efficient lockout-tagout system. Make sure that you keep all of your equipment well organised, including the circuit breaker lockout devices, so that they can be located easily when needed. We stock a range of lockout boxes to provide a secure, efficient storage for all of your devices.

A good inspection system such as Scafftag will enable you to spot problems before they cause any injuries, enabling you to use your lockout devices to keep the equipment secure until it is repaired. Using these circuit breaker lockout devices will protect employees and visitors on your premises and help you to comply with the health and safety laws.