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Personal Alarms

Most companies understand the benefits of looking after their employees and making sure that individuals feel happy and safe at work. A contented worker is more likely to be a productive and confident one, so there are key benefits to be gained by looking after employees’ well being. There are many ways a company can boost staff security; providing personal alarms to employees is one that shows it cares about the workers.

Employees that work outside business premises or who have to deal with potentially dangerous people or hazardous areas will find a personal alarm will help them stay safe while doing their work.

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Personal Safety Alarms: Buying Guide

All companies have a duty of care to their employees, but smart firms know there are real benefits in providing a high standard of care to staff members. A range of studies have shown that employees who feel safe in their working environment, that believe their company cares for them are likely to be happier and more productive at work. This ensures the company has productive employees, and it means an employee is more likely to recommend the company to family and friends. This may lead to increased sales, or other individuals seeking work with the company.

Keep employees safe at all times

If an employee or certain teams work in dangerous areas or are more likely to be at risk, it is important that companies do what they can to protect those employees. An example of action that can be taken to care for employees is to provide personal alarms and fully train staff in how and when to use them. Everyone hopes the alarms will not need to be used, but an employee will feel safer knowing they have the alarm in the case of emergencies or a serious incident occurring.

The use of personal alarms should be part of the overall plan for caring for employees and creating a safe working environment. From asking employees and guests to sign in to a place of work to installing CCTV cameras, there are many ways a company can be proactive in caring for employees and discouraging any unruly or dangerous behaviour. While implementing these measures incurs an initial cost for a company, this is an example of where investment brings a fantastic return. The benefits associated with a secure working environment and workers feeling safe will more than justify the initial outlay on security solutions.

There are alarms for every situation

Given the wide range of personal alarms on offer, there is something suitable for everyone and every situation. You’ll find these alarms are ideal for employees who carry out work away from the premises, but there are also personal alarms that can be located on or around desks. Depending on the nature of the work carried out by a company or organisation, certain employees may feel threatened when dealing with difficult customers. Asking customers to sign in and having a clear record of their presence in the building may act as a deterrent to bad behaviour.

There are many things a company should provide for its employees, a safe and secure working environment being one of the most basic. That is why items like personal alarms can have a significant impact on how people feel when they are working.