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To ensure compliance with the appropriate health and safety regulations, signage must be displayed clearly and provide concise instruction. Fire extinguisher signs are particularly important as they highlight the location of a life-saving piece of equipment. In order to comply with the law and help a person locate an extinguisher during an emergency evacuation, it is imperative that all safety equipment is easily locatable.

All companies are required to adhere to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Therefore, using the correct type of fire equipment sign is paramount.

For more information check out our guide.

If you want a sign that is unique to your business, then we can create one to your specifications.

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Fire Equipment Signs: Buying Guide

There are a variety of fire extinguishers available that serve an array of different purposes. One example is a fire extinguisher designed to stifle electrical fires; it contains dry powder so as not to exacerbate the fire further. Dry powder extinguishers can also be used on gaseous fires and flammable liquids.

For fires involving textiles, fuels and cooking oils, then a wet chemical fire extinguisher should be used.

Whichever fire extinguishers you have around your premises, it is important that anyone discovering a fire is fully aware of the type of extinguisher needed and its location within the building. This can be denoted by effective signage and informational posters.

Fire blanket signs are also available. A fire blanket is specifically for smothering fires and is suitable for kitchen fires or clothing. The fire blanket sign available from our product range includes information for the use of a fire blanket in addition to instructions for use.

During a fire, it is highly likely that smoke will obscure the details on a sign and maybe even the piece of fire fighting equipment. Another unfortunate outcome of fire is a power cut. Being prepared for these occurrences ahead of time will reduce the potential for destruction or damage in the event of a fire. This can be achieved by using the correct sign.

Photoluminescent signs are suitable for just such a situation. These are bright signs that are white in full light and glow brightly in low or no light.

Our Nite-Glo photoluminescent signs are manufactured using an environmentally friendly polyester film and are fully compliant with British Standard guidelines. They stay lit for over 6 hours once activated by a suitable light source.

Deluxe fire extinguisher signs are also available from our product range, which are ideal for high-quality surroundings such as prestigious office settings. Deluxe signs are available in a range of materials, clearly display the location of a fire extinguisher and have a professional and classy finish.

For more information on signs materials available, please see our handy guide to signs materials and finishes.

Suitable installation is always required in order to ensure the signage is affixed appropriately and is in accordance with health and safety guidelines. Various fixings are obtainable from our vast product range and all cater for specific circumstances, both indoors and out.

Custom Fire Fighting Equipment Signs

If you are looking for a fire equipment sign that is unique to you and your business, then why not design your own sign using our custom-create tool. It is easier than you may think – simply choose your size, material and ISO symbol then add your text.