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Reception Safety Signs, Fire-fighting & PPE Product Guide |

Your Essential Product Placement Guide to Reception Desk Safety

As the first point of contact for visitors and contractors, and a key thoroughfare for staff, important health and safety information should be communicated in your reception area.

There are some basic requirements that must be adhered to when setting up or refitting waiting rooms, receptions and entrances.

Minimum Legal Requirement for Reception Safety

  • Emergency exits must be clearly marked and unobstructed
  • Fire equipment must be available and prominently positioned
  • All visitors and contractors are required to sign in to enable a full and accurate role call upon emergency evacuation
  • Emergency procedures should be communicated, including actions to be taken and assembly point(s) upon which to congregate in the case of fire
  • All fire doors should be identified and kept closed or fitted with an automatic closing device
  • It should be clear how to raise the alarm in case of fire
  • You must display the Health and Safety Law Poster where workers can easily see it, or provide a pocket guide for every employee

Additionally, there are several other steps that can be taken to increase safety on your premises.

Recommended Best Practice

  • Health and safety information, such as smoking policies or the need to wear PPE, should be communicated
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) for visitors should be made available, if required
  • Visitors and contractors should be issued with identification badges
  • Alarm points should be covered with stoppers to avoid accidental operation and vandalism
  • Fire evacuation documentation should be easily accessible and stored in a prominent place. In the event of fire alarms or external audits, having your Fire Safety Log Book to hand is essential. Store in a Metal Fire Document Cabinet in your reception area

Our reception safety guide below shows just how easy it is to create a warm, and more importantly, safe welcome at your workplace.

Health & Safety Posters

Whether legally required or simply to impart useful safety tips, posters will keep employees and visitors informed.

HSE Health & Safety Law Poster

First Aider Signs

In an emergency getting help quickly is vital. Properly displayed lists of onsite first aiders are easy to locate if an accident occurs.

First Aider - Fire Marshal Update Sign

Fire Action Signs

Ensure everyone knows how to raise the alarm and what to do in an evacuation situation.

Fire Action Sign

Fire Exit Signs

You must have visible evacuation signs at all changes in direction or level across your site.

Fire Exit Running Man Straight Ahead Sign

Fire Door Signs

Entrances and exits can be essential for preventing the spread of fire. Make sure everyone knows which doors should be kept shut.

Blue Fire Door Keep Shut Sign

PPE Stations

Keep PPE supplies neat, tidy and together so they are ready for visitors when needed.

Warehouse Visitor PPE Safety Station

Cleaning & Washroom Signs

Help visitors locate washroom facilities and remind them to keep your premises clean and hygienic.

Unisex Toilet Sign

Fire Alarm Signs

Clearly highlight fire alarms across your site. Use glow in the dark signs in areas used at night or out of doors.

Fire Point Text & Symbol Sign

Fire Alarms

Place call points at strategic points around your premises so the alarm can be raised as quickly as possible.

Fire Alarm Call Point

CO2 Fire Extinguisher Signs

Display instructions and other important information next to your fire extinguisher.

CO2 Fire Extinguisher Sign

AFFF Fire Extinguisher Signs

Explain the differences between extinguishers and show where and when they should be used.

Foam Fire Extinguisher Sign

CO2 Fire Extinguishers

It’s best practice to keep fire extinguishers of several types in your reception area.

CO2 Fire Extinguisher

AFFF Fire Extinguishers

Suitable for a range of fires, a foam extinguisher is an indispensable part of your fire fighting arsenal.

AFFF Foam Fire Extinguisher

Reception Signs

Present a smart, well thought out reception area to visitors and clients.

Aluminium Reception Sign

Office & Commercial Signs

In an emergency it’s important to know who is on your premises. Use an easily updatable sign to keep everyone informed.

Visitors Today Update Sign

Fire Door Equipment

Make sure fire doors are kept closed or fitted with equipment to shut them if fire breaks out.

Dorgard Fire Door Retainer

Safety Matting

Quality entrance matting will keep your reception clean when weather is inclement and reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Navy Blue Entrance Matting Swatch