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Eye Wash Bottles, Sprays & Pods

Ensuring the workplace is as safe and secure as possible for workers is integral to properly following health and safety assessment regulations. If after undergoing an assessment it is determined that your workplace is at a greater risk of foreign bodies or toxic or corrosive substances getting into workers’ eyes, it is essential your first aid supplies include such items as eyewash bottles, sprays and pods. If you are in need of something a little more permanent and always on hand, then our range of eye baths and fountains will be of interest and you can have a look at our buying guide for more information.

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Guide To Eye Wash Sprays And Bottles

Depending on the type of hazards present in your workplace, as well as its size and scope, you might need to think about including eyewash bottles and sprays in either your first aid kit or your first aid room. Saline solution is a simple and effective way of washing eyes that have come in contact with either a foreign body or a contaminating liquid. You don’t even need to be working in a particularly dangerous or hazardous environment for this to happen, so even if your workplace is a commonplace office, you might still want your first aid kits to include saline solution.

We have a wide variety of saline solution available in the form of a bottle or eye wash pods. The Plum Saline Eye Wash Solution, for example, comes in an easy to use bottle that even includes ergonomic eye shaped cups, which perfectly conform to the shape of the users’ eye for better comfort and accurate use. As with most of our products, this item is available in a range of sizes, so you’re sure to find the size that would best suit your needs.

For work environments where the need for eyewash is more common, such as in a factory, workshop, laboratory or hospital, you might want to consider the ease of access when it comes to the placement of eyewash bottles and sprays. In smaller offices, it makes sense for first aid supplies to be kept in a first aid kit, but in workplaces where an eye related injury is more likely to occur on a more regular basis, then the use of a wall bracket or eye station should really be considered. In this way, you can be sure your workers can quickly and easily access the eyewash in the event of an emergency.

The Plum 1 Litre Neutral Eye Wash Station isn’t reliant on a mains water supply and can be easily mounted on a wall. It comes with an instructional pictogram that can be fixed next to the solution so that users can easily follow the instructions, and it is easy to fit into smaller or more confined spaces. The eyewash comes in a one litre bottle and is made up of a pH neutral solution that is 50 times more effective than water when it comes to washing out an infected or affected eye.

We also carry Saline Eye Wash Wall Brackets that can be used with 500ml eyewash bottles and are small enough to be used in small spaces, providing a useful alternative to eyewash stations that otherwise tend to need to be attached to mains water and are usually much larger in size.