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Work Trousers, Overalls & Underwear

Many workplaces benefit from the provision of comfortable workwear that includes trousers, coveralls and underwear. There are many advantages, including increased safety, creating a smart, uniform appearance and protecting employees’ own clothes from the stresses of the workplace.
At Seton, we have a wide selection of workwear, including trousers, coveralls and underwear. All of these items will increase the safety and comfort of your staff and can form an effective part of your health and safety strategy. Check out our guide to buying work trousers, overalls and underwear.

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Choosing Work Trousers, Work Coveralls and Work Underwear

The wide range of items in the trousers, coveralls and underwear range at Seton will enable your business to provide for a wide variety of roles. They can be used to provide a staff uniform; particularly useful for workplaces that deal regularly with members of the public. They can be used in messy or physical roles to prevent damage to the employees’ own clothes, and they can be used to improve safety in a number of hazardous situations.

Trousers can be issued to employees so their own trousers remain clean and undamaged, but they are also useful for the creation of a uniform. Many of the trousers in the range at Seton incorporate features that are particularly valuable for different roles. We have trousers that include extra protection for the knee, and several pockets ideal for keeping small tools and other objects handy. All the trousers are hard-wearing and able to withstand tough environments. For many messy jobs, coveralls provide a quick solution to prevent the damage and staining that can easily occur to clothing when working with substances such as paint or oil. For increased safety and comfort, the coveralls and trousers in the range at Seton include clothing that is waterproof for those working outdoors in all weather conditions, and clothing that is chemical resistant and high visibility, which is ideal for those working in areas with traffic or on a railway.

Working outdoors in all weather conditions leaves workers not just vulnerable to the wet, but also the cold. The underwear range at Seton includes thermal underwear in a light, breathable fabric that will protect against extremes of temperature. To extend this protection to the head, take a look at our range of liners, heating and cooling headgear, suitable for wearing on its own or under a hard hat.

Creating an effective safety strategy that will improve the wellbeing of your workers and fully comply with the necessary health and safety regulations is a task that often causes considerable anxiety, as getting it right is necessary to stay on the right side of the law. By shopping at Seton, a leading retailer of products designed to improve safety in the workplace, you can make the task easier. We stock a huge range of products to provide the safety improvements you need and we make sure all items fully comply with the relevant UK and EU safety laws.

With the range of trousers, coveralls and underwear available, you can easily create a safe, comfortable uniform for your workers. Take a look at our range of shirts, T-shirts and sweatshirts to complete the look. With our range of workwear, creating a smart, comfortable safe appearance for your workers has never been easier.