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PPE Storage

Ensuring that all PPE is properly stored is of the utmost importance. PPE is there for health and safety reasons, and poor storage can compromise the integrity of the items rendering the PPE ineffective, leading to illness or injury for the wearer. That could result in your company being liable for damages due to inadequate safety equipment being supplied to staff. We have a wide range of storage options to suit all your needs; no matter what type of workplace you have, or what sort of PPE you need, there is a storage solution for you.

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Choosing PPE Equipment Storage

Storage boxes for respiratory protection equipment such as dust masks not only keep the items all in one place in the area they are required, but also help keep them clean and as sterile as possible. No one wants to wear a dirty mask on his or her face so putting the masks in a clean easy-to-reach, convenient place is recommended.

Storage doesn’t have to be boxes – just somewhere that you can keep your PPE safely. We have a range of hooks that fit onto a wall, and magnetic hooks that can fit onto any metal surface (for example, a locker), so there is no need for drilling (it is also much easier to move to another area as required). Wall hooks are perfect for hanging up hard hats, overalls, or even for your safety shoes.

We have a selection of transparent storage boxes that can be customised. These are ideal for safety gloves, dust masks or even disposable ear plugs – any item that is single use that will be disposed of later. Those who work in high-risk areas, such as with food, may have to wear hair nets, paper hats and paper booties over their shoes. All of these items have to be destroyed after being worn to reduce the risk of contaminating other areas of the building. Having transparent storage for these items makes it easier to see what you are picking up. All the items are in one place, so you and your staff can pick out hair nets, a hat, a dust mask, paper booties and ear plugs all in one go, making it impossible to forget an important piece of PPE before entering the high-risk area.

If boxes are not suitable for your work area, you may want to consider storage pods on posts. They are more flexible than the transparent boxes as they are not fixed to one place. You have a choice of a base; one that you can fill with sand to make it stable, or a spike that can be inserted into the ground outside. There are also holders with suction cups so you can attach the PPE storage pods to any surface. The storage pods themselves are spacious and can hold everything that the transparent boxes can. The modular nature of these products means you can integrate PPE storage with cone and barrier systems.

If you need storage for your PPE, browse our selection to find what you need. Our customisable pieces can be personalised with your messages, so if you have requirements that do not fit in with the standard caution, warning, or advice, then we can provide exactly what you need.