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Need help? Need help? Why two-ray radios are essential for safety & security When thinking about security equipment, it is common to consider the items such as CCTV cameras and equipment, safes and deposit boxes, but some simpler pieces of equipment also play an important part in security and health and safety. Torches may not immediately spring to mind, but they are vital pieces of equipment, whether it is for security staff that need to use them when doing their rounds of a site, or workers who need good visibility in order to perform their jobs safely. Radios are also important pieces of security and safety equipment. Employees that work alone or remotely need to be able to stay in touch with their colleagues.

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Communication and Safety Torches

Personal and Work Lighting

If your business employs security guards, you will be aware of the risks that, that position entails. A security guard is there to protect property and people, and an intruder may confront them at any time. In order to do their job safely, security guards require the correct equipment and, in these circumstances, a torch can be surprisingly handy. It can aid vision at night or if there is a power cut. In addition, it may be used in self-defence. A bright torch may be used to momentarily blind an intruder, giving the individual vital seconds to get away and raise the alarm. If the torch is large enough, it can also be used to block blows and ward off an attack. A torch can also be a useful tool for other workers who need to be able to see well to do their jobs. Some individuals may have to work in confined spaces where there is little light, and a good strong torch makes working in such areas safer. Wolf ATEX Safety Torches have a simple and robust design with a powerful halogen light output. The torch can be either a straight head or right-angled torch. Impact-resistant and capable of operating while withstanding massive temperature variation even with the ability to be used at sub-zero temperatures, the torch also has a polycarbonate lens that is shatterproof. It has a comfortable ergonomic grip which makes it easy to hold and switch on even when wearing gloves. In addition, the torch is supplied with a belt ring and wrist strap, making it easy and comfortable to carry around.

For a more robust lighting solution, the Scaffolding Lamp eliminates the need for relying on pedestrian lighting when working outside. The lamp has a head that can swivel 360 degrees, providing all-round visibility. It is supplied with a metal bracket, allowing it to be easily fixed onto scaffolding for hands-free use. The lamp’s 180 mm diameter lens gives maximum light output, and it also features a wide retro-reflective prismatic lens surround. The lamp can be customised with two different lens options. The clear lens provides illumination, while the red lens serves to act as a hazard warning.

The LED Micro Headlight is a very useful light, especially in confined areas where it would be impossible to use normal torches. The torch is compact, lightweight and very powerful. With a 90-degree rotational head, it features a durable rubberised head face and a moulded rubber micro switch. The torch is both impact and chemical-resistant. For additional safety, the torch has a flash function that may be used to gain attention in the case of an emergency. The rubberised headband makes it comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time.

Radio Communications

Radios are important for lone workers or employees such as security guards who need to maintain contact with their fellow employees at all times. Two-way radios are an especially important piece of equipment for security guards who need to be able to raise the alarm if they detect an intruder or danger such as a fire. Two-way radios are also important for lone workers or employees who work remotely. They enable workers to remain in contact and to notify their fellow workers if something has gone wrong or they require assistance. The Cobra MT645 PMR 2-Way Radios do not require a licence and there are no service fees. The radios have eight PMR channels, each of which has 38 privacy codes that provide 304 sub-channels. The radios have a ten channel memory and offer VOX hands-free operation plus scan, a power saver mode that activates after ten seconds of inactivity, call alert, roger beep and a confirmation tone indicating when it is clear to speak. In addition, the radios have a backlit LCD, battery saver and low power indicator. For ease of use, the radios are water-resistant and come with a belt clip, making it easy to carry them around and use when required.


We want to improve security on our site and our security guards need to communicate with each other when they are patrolling the property. What is a simple and cost-effective solution?

2-way Radios do not require a licence and are ideal for security staff or remote or lone workers.

I have to work in confined spaces and I need a hands-free torch. What do you recommend?

LED micro headlights are ideal for this type of application. They provide a bright light and are worn on the head, leaving the hands free to do the job.

I have been told by Health and Safety that I need to provide lighting near scaffolding. Are there any lights I can fit to the scaffolding?

The Scaffolding Light may be fitted to scaffolding and means that pedestrian lighting is not required.

Do you have any torches that can be attached to belts for easy transport?

Wolf ATEX Safety Torches have a bright halogen light and can be attached to a belt.