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Chemical Handling Guides & Booklets

At workplaces where chemicals and chemical products are frequently stored and used, it is important that employees are adequately informed about the correct procedures for handling, storing and disposing of the substances. Having chemical handling guides and chemical handling booklets within the workplace forms an important part of any employer or business owner’s health and safety responsibility. At Seton, we offer a selection of tools to help workplaces ensure their practices are in line with COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations and that workers and visitors to the premises are adequately informed about risk and protected.

For further details see our guide to chemical safety booklets.

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Hazardous Chemicals Safety Guide Booklets

From garages to kitchens and factories to farms, many workplaces will require the use of some sort of chemicals, and it is important that employees understand how to safely use, store and dispose of chemical substances.

Chemicals are used in everything, from cleaning products and fuels to manufacturing and bug control, so it is not surprising that many businesses will find themselves needing to ensure that workplaces and staff comply with Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations.

In order to comply with the relevant legislation, business owners and managers will need to ensure that adequate COSHH training is provided to all employees, as well as clearly displaying information about the correct practices for use, storage and disposal of chemical substances.

For this reason, here at Seton we offer a good selection of workplace COSHH tools that can be used to help deliver both relevant training and information to employees.

Business owners and managers should always consult the relevant legislation before adopting any training or information plan in relation to COSHH, and our selection of chemical handling guides and booklets will prove useful tools in the delivery of these plans.

We provide highly visible COSHH centres, which are used to display an outline of the pertinent regulations for quick reference, as well as providing a handy and accessible storage place for our Control of Substances Hazardous to Health binders. These sturdy, wipe clean ring binders are designed to hold training records, permit to work forms and other information that may be required under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations, within your workplace.

In addition to our COSHH Centre and COSHH binders, we also offer a choice of printed pocket guides that can be used to help inform and train employees. As well as being a useful way of imparting COSHH information to employees in training, these pocket guides also serve as a handy reference for those within the workplace looking for instant access to accurate COSHH information at any given time.

The first of these is a Know Your Hazard Warning Symbols pocket guide, which contains information to help employees to recognise and identify standard hazard warnings that may be relevant during the storage, use and disposal of chemicals and chemical substances.

We also offer a printed COSHH pocket guide, which clearly outlines the regulations controlling how chemicals are handled within the workplace, giving workers a useful reference should any COSHH confusion arise.

Our selection of pocket guides makes a handy training tool for workplaces where COSHH training is delivered as part of an overall health and safety strategy, as well as being a useful reference for those working with chemicals in the workplace.