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Safety Scissors

Need help? Need help? What type of scissors do I need? High-Quality Safety Scissors - Strong and Built to Last

Scissors are an essential tool in every workplace, whether it is an industrial warehouse, a factory, a construction site or an office. Seton carries high-performance ceramic and stainless steel scissors that feature heavy-duty blades, without compromising on safety.

Our range of safety scissors are made with varying shapes to suit specific purposes, and the grips are designed to be non-slip and cushioned for comfortable usage. When selecting the right scissors, it is important to consider the specific needs of your workplace and take into account any preferences that your employees might have, such as right or left handed scissors.

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Choosing the Best Safety Scissors

You may not be aware, but safety scissors come in a range of different materials nowadays. Seton offers scissors made from both ceramic and stainless steel.

  • The Slice Ceramic Scissors are lightweight and compact, and extremely sharp. Importantly, ceramic scissors have heavy duty blades to cut through a range of materials, but have rounded tips to protect against accidental cuts to the skin.

  • Seton carries a number of different pairs of stainless steel scissors. Stainless steel is an ideal material for professional scissors and industrial scissors because it requires very little maintenance and is highly resistant to staining and corrosion, including rust. This means that, even if neglected or used in outdoor environments, they will stand the test as highly effective, heavy duty scissors.

Different Scissor Shapes

Scissors come in a variety of different shapes to suit different actions and hand types. For example, the Martor SECUMAX 363 Safety Scissors have two small circular holes, perfect for a thumb and index finger, and these scissors are made for fine, precise cutting.

On the other hand, the Martor SECUMAX 565 Safety Scissors feature two large handles that are ideal for larger hands or for use when wearing gloves. These utility scissors are designed so that you can leverage the full strength of your hand to cut through tough materials, and they have an integrated wire-cutter facility to cut through wires and cables.

Some scissors are also specifically designed for either left or right handed users, which is an important consideration as it can be uncomfortable to use scissors that have been designed for a different hand type. It is also important to use the correct type of scissors for the task at hand.

Our Martor SECUMAX 564 Safety Scissors and Slice Stainless Steel Scissors have been designed to suit both left and right handed users.


What Are Safety Scissors?

Safety scissors are just as effective and sharp as shears, but they have a slightly rounded, rather than pointed, tip. This is designed to prevent injuries such as punctures or accidental stab wounds because it is much more difficult to puncture the skin with a rounded tip.

Where Should Safety Scissors Be Kept?

Depending on the workplace, safety scissors may need to be kept in various different areas. It is important that they are kept away from anywhere that a child could access them, and that everyone who uses them knows how to use these sharp, heavy duty scissors properly.

Maintenance Advice for Safety Scissors

Our scissors are made from materials that are extremely durable and resistant; however, regular maintenance checks will extend their longevity. To ensure that your scissors remain easy to use, remove any dust, fluff, glue or other substances from the scissor blades, and ensure that they are kept dry. It is also a good idea to apply a small amount of fine-grade oil in the screw slot and hinge area. Scissors should only ever be used for the purpose they were intended; they should never be used as a screwdriver, scraper or to prise an object from a surface.