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Need help? Need help? Where should no smoking signs be displayed? The UK’s Widest Selection of No Smoking Signs - Expert Advice!

In order to comply with the law organisations need to make it clear to employees and visitors to their site that smoking is prohibited in certain areas. We offer a massive choice of smoking signs that will get the message across in an almost universally understood fashion. With options for both indoors and out, finding the right sign and sign fixings will be easy.

For more information see our FAQs and buying guide below.

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Smoking Guidelines at Work: Buying Guide

Providing Clear Instruction for Smokers

Smoking is a habit that is becoming more and more controlled through legislation, and employers are also keen to ensure that nobody is made to feel unwelcome due to their smoking habits.

For this reason, it is important that workplaces and public access areas have clearly-indicated smoking guidelines, and that property owners and managers install signage that supports that policy.

Smoking signs are the perfect way to indicate to workers and visitors which areas smoking is not permitted in, as well as allowing you to demarcate areas where smoking can take place, such as a smoking shelter, if you so desire.

A smoking sign is a type of safety sign that indicates the policy with regards to smoking in that area. Smoking signs usually take the form of prohibition signs, such as the traditional ‘no smoking’ sign, or signs that designate directions to, location of and guidelines that are observed within smoking areas.

You can find some smoking signs as part of our hazard signs range; these signs are multi message, meaning they carry suggestions on a number of safety topics and are designed to be erected in areas where there are flammable materials or explosive gases, for instance.

Since the advent of e-cigarettes and vaping, many business and building owners have also begun to use signage to cover the use of these devices in the workplace, as such we offer a range of electronic cigarette signs suitable to communicate to visitors and employees your policy with regards to this smoking substitute.

All safety signs are important in the workplace to provide a safe working environment.

Placement of Smoking Signs

Smoking signs should be used throughout the interior and exterior of your premises to clearly indicate the smoking protocol in each area.
Display ‘no smoking’ signs where the habit is not permitted and use smoking area signs to denote where smokers can find designated shelters to allow them to smoke freely.

Smoking areas also benefit from the addition of informational signs that signpost wall mounted cigarette disposal and ashtray bins.

Incorporating Smoking Information into Your Premises

We have a wide range of smoking signs to help you clearly communicate the smoking policy in workspaces and areas used by the public. Our prohibitive signs feature traditional designs; most prominent among them is the universally recognised circle and bar motif across a cigarette pictogram with additional verbal instruction to clearly send the message that smoking is not allowed where displayed. We also supply ‘no smoking’ signs that clearly state the policy on e-cigarettes in these areas.

Smoking hazard signs incorporate the above-mentioned clearly recognisable design with an additional pictogram caution motif, alongside verbal warnings of the risks of smoking within these areas. In our tactile and braille signs category we also have 'no smoking' signs to ensure that the visually impaired are also informed of smoking guidlines wherever they are displayed.

Our smoking information signs help to direct people to, and demarcate the limits of smoking areas on your premises, as well as offering smokers guidance on how these spaces should be used to ensure the best experience for everyone.

We offer a wide range of self-adhesive, wall-mounted and even freestanding table top smoking signs to help ensure expected smoking behaviour is clearly communicated to everyone in your premises.


What smoking signs do I need?

The number and type of signs you will require will depend on your smoking policy and where you wish to display them. It can be helpful for building owners and managers to create a smoking sign placement plan of indoor and outdoor spaces and then select signs that will clearly indicate the smoking policy to your workers, customers and visitors.

If there are areas where smoking is prohibited, you will need ‘no smoking’ signs, while smoking zones should be clearly signposted and marked with informational signs.

Where should smoking signs be displayed?

Smoking signs should be clearly displayed at entrances so that people are aware of the smoking guidelines in the building. Smoking signs can also be placed within spaces to remind people of the smoking status of each area.

‘No smoking’ stickers can be affixed within company vehicles to remind employees to restrain themselves from smoking while out on the road. Table-top smoking signs allow you to designate tables as smoking or non-smoking in non-permanent fashion, allowing for flexibility in your smoking policy in these areas.