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Need help? Need help? How to keep the temperature adequate for employees? Our range of heaters will help keep your place of work at the right temperature to keep employees comfortable in cold weather conditions. Whether it is a portable or wall-mounted option, or a convection, fan, oil, or radiant heater, you will be able to select a way to thermostatically control the work environment. Heaters are designed to be used in spaces such as office or hospitality settings, or in warehouse, factory or even temporary construction site offices. They come in versions that range from modest, power-saving versions to heavy-duty devices that can distribute warm air around a large factory space.

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Heating and Air Conditioning in the Workplace

Employers are required to keep temperatures in regular workspaces at a comfortable level, or to implement measures that prevent health issues for staff working in very cold or hot environments. During cold winter months, give your staff optimal temperatures with a heating solution fit for your environment. Electrical heating does not emit fumes of any kind, which means that workspace air is not fouled while it is warmed, while built-in thermostats make them safe to use, and save power.

In some buildings where the heating system just can’t keep up, a neat fan heater will work perfectly. Despite its size, this heater is powerful enough to circulate warm air through a modest office area to reduce the chill. It will not take up much storage space when the weather warms up again, and it is easy to move around. A low or slightly higher kilowatt output can be selected, and the adjustable thermostat will keep temperatures steady. Other thermostat-controlled choices are the vertical convector heater or the power-thrifty oil-filled radiators. All of these may be ordered with a handy timer, and the convector type may be wall mounted.

Oil heaters are also great in temporary building situations that have no heating, such as construction site offices. They are a mobile and highly efficient means of heating in terms of electricity consumption. Once the oil is warm, it retains heat for a long time, so the inner element does not have to stay on all the time. The oil heater unit is completely sealed, and there is a cut-off switch to prevent over-heating adding an extra layer of safety. If you are worried about forgetting to switch it off at the end of a busy day, simply use the timer to be sure that it goes off.

Other temporary solutions to consider include a sealey air cooler or a mobile air conditioner both have built-in heating options, which is a fantastic attribute that makes them useful all year round.

Some workspaces are trickier than others to keep warm, especially garages, warehouses and factories. Heavy duty electric fan heaters are well suited for industrial use, and are available in a variety of sizes. This design is ideal for circulating large amounts of air to a given zone. These heaters come in a range of wattage outputs, related to their physical size, so you can choose the capability of the heater according to your setting. We supply the appropriate power cables separately due to the variability of the wattage. Built of durable metals and finished in tough enamel, the heaters have insulated handles so that they may be moved safely.

The somewhat more mobile spot heater may be chosen with carry handles or with back wheels. This hard-wearing heater will warm up a workshop or factory floor efficiently.

When it comes to warming an outdoor area, such as a dedicated smoking shelter or canteen terrace, a heater that radiates heat downwards onto people is a safe and very efficient choice. Wall-mounted patio heaters are a superb option as they have a weatherproof aluminium casing. For an area up to 14 square meters, heat is beamed down by parabolic reflectors, directly warming the subjects below.