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Fire Marshal Signs

Premium Fire Marshall Signs -Inform & Protect your Staff

It is essential in a workplace to be able to easily identify the fire marshal. If assistance is needed during an emergency evacuation, the fire marshals need to be easily located, as does any evacuation equipment, such as emergency transit chairs.

Use our fire marshal signs to provide information on your fire marshals. With options to be displayed both indoors and out, these easily updatable signs make it a straightforward process for everyone to identify the fire marshals on duty.

Can’t find the fire marshal sign you are looking for? Then create your own; it’s easier than you think.

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Fire Marshal Signs: Buying Guide

Fire marshals carry out a number of duties, with the main one being to ensure that emergency evacuation procedures run smoothly when the fire alarm sounds.

By displaying fire marshal signs at points around your business premises, both workers and visitors can easily locate fire marshals when necessary.

Our fire marshal signs are available in a range of options – all featuring the easily recognised, BS EN ISO 7010 approved fire symbol. What’s more, these signs can be easily updated to reflect changes in the names or telephone numbers of the fire marshals within your business. Signs can be written on or an A4 sheet of paper can be printed out and inserted into the sign.

If space is at a premium, you may opt for a combined sign which can include the details of both fire marshals and first aiders.

To ensure that your fire marshal signs remain securely fixed, take a look at our comprehensive range of sign fixings to find the best method of attaching your signs. We have sign fixing solutions for mounting signs both indoors and out, regardless of the material the signs are being affixed to.

The role of a fire marshal is an important one and requires great responsibility in both preventing a fire and carrying out the emergency evacuation procedure. Make their role easier by ensuring that everyone knows what to do in the event of a fire by using fire action signs.

To increase the safety of your fire marshals, make sure that they have all of the equipment they need to carry out their role. Take a look at our range of fire officer equipment to ensure that your fire marshals and fire wardens are provided with everything needed to keep themselves and everyone else on the premises safe.

Custom-Made Fire Marshal Signs

Our fire marshal signs will allow most businesses to provide all the necessary information on fire marshals. However, if you wish to provide any further information, or the fire marshal signs in our range are not exactly what you need, then a custom-made sign can be created to your specifications.

Quick & Safe Building Evacuation

By providing information on fire marshals, everyone on your business premises can feel reassured that they will be quickly and safely ushered out of the building should the fire alarm sound. Our fire marshal signs are a cost-effective way of making sure that these important people can be easily found at any time.

Like all fire safety signs, fire marshal signs must comply with UK and EU health and safety regulations. However, you can shop with confidence at Seton as we take great care to ensure that all of our signs and equipment meet current safety legislation.