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Good-quality security equipment is essential when running a company, but if not properly cared for, then even the best-quality security products can fall into disrepair and become less effective. Appropriate maintenance products are essential for the continued smooth running of your security equipment.

Providing effective security equipment will improve the safety of your premises and help you comply with health and safety legislation. Poorly maintained products may stop providing the required level of protection, leaving you at risk of prosecution as well as increasing the likelihood of security breaches. Use good-quality maintenance products to prevent this.

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Lock Maintenance: Buying guide

When first installed, lock and key security products provide an excellent level of protection, and having invested in such a system, you will want it to keep utilising that vital protection for a considerable length of time to come. However, as with all products, locks need looking after to keep them working at their best. If they are not well maintained, then locks can become rusted or worn with use. They may also become easily damaged, leaving your premises and assets vulnerable to theft or vandalism. Good-quality maintenance products are an investment well worth making to keep locks and padlocks providing the level of security that your business deserves.

Maintenance of equipment increases the longevity of security equipment

Good lock lubrication is the best way to keep your locks in tip-top condition. Locks are put through a fair amount of wear and tear through wet weather conditions, extreme temperatures and the build-up of dirt. The lubrication products available in the product range at Seton will not only keep the locks clean and smooth to use, but they will also drive out humidity and protect against frost, ice and corrosion. They achieve this without making the locks greasy. Used regularly, the locks on your premises will remain in excellent condition, allowing easy access when required and preventing the build up of rust or deterioration.

Security and safety are important areas for businesses to address, and getting them right is vital for the safe and smooth running of a company. However, for many, creating an efficient safety and security strategy that complies with all health and safety legislation can be a daunting task. At Seton, we take pride in providing all the safety and security products necessary. As a leading retailer, we make sure that our products comply with the necessary laws, and we can offer valuable advice on the best products for your circumstances. The products we supply that use locking mechanisms is extensive and includes a large selection of padlocks as well as the maintenance products necessary to keep them working smoothly and efficiently.

General maintenance of your locks should be part of your security procedures

Poorly working locks are not only an inconvenience and more likely to cause a security breach, but they will also leave a very poor impression to any visitors on your premises and make the lives of your employees more awkward. Making sure that you monitor the locks on your premises and treat them regularly with the appropriate maintenance product ensures that they will remain smooth to operate and will efficiently fulfil their role in keeping your premises safe. The maintenance products available at Seton have been chosen for their high-quality, ease of use and good value for money. With your locks adequately well cared for, you can have complete peace of mind that they will do the job of keeping your premises secure from unauthorised entry.