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Eye Wash Stations

Need help? Need help? Treat eye incidents with an eye wash first aid station If eye injuries are likely to occur in a particular area of your workplace, then an eye wash station can reduce the risk of long term eye injury. In the case of getting foreign objects and substances in the eye, speed of treatment is key to limit the damage, so having an eye washing station nearby can help ensure equipment is on hand where the risk is highest. They can provide you with an easily visible eye washing location and offer other first aid equipment in the same place, so check out the available options.

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Emergency Eye Wash Station Buying Guide

Positioning the the eye wash facilities where they are needed most is incredibly important to provide fast treatment if an eye injury happens. The equipment should be easily visible, which is why many of our first aid/eye wash stations have a projecting 3D header that enables them to be seen from different angles. Placing additional eye wash station signs or other first aid signage in the area is also a good idea. Seton offer a wide range of these to complement your station including projecting and photoluminescent emergency facility signage.

Speed in reaching first aid products is essential, and this is especially important for eye wash. Taking under 10 seconds to get to the eye wash should be the objective, and using directional signs to point to the stations can help achieve this aim.

Choosing a product based on your eye wash station requirements

When choosing an eye wash solution for a particular environment the following conditions should be be considered:

Is there a need for pH neutralising? If acidic and alkaline substances are used be sure to choose one of our stations which includes a neutralising eye wash, a much more effective choice when it comes to eye injuries involving these chemicals.

Do you also need additional first aid/eye wash information? Our stations range from simple wall mounted eye wash bottles to larger stations, many of which show basic first aid advice and provide directions on how to use eye wash. An eye wash and first aid information point could also be situated alongside the station.

Will the eye wash equipment need to be moved or used in a remote location? Portable eye wash stations such as the portable cabinet are available. These can be used in a main facility and then carried and used offsite, helping to meet HSE guidelines.

Will the eye wash solution be stored in a low temperature environment? Some situations will call for heating to keep eye wash from freezing and comfortable to use. Our heated station keeps eye wash solution at about 20°C and works down to -25°C.

Is there potential for harmful liquids to contaminate the body? If so you may want to check out our range of emergency showers as well. These can quickly flush chemicals from the skin and eyes and can be plumbed in to the mains water allowing flushing for much longer.

What other additional first aid equipment is needed? You can find a range of solutions which can cover first aid and eye wash requirements together. The dust resistant QuickSafe cabinets have been designed to offer commonly used first aid/eye wash products in one repository,and you will find burn gels, plasters and both saline and neutralising eye wash available in the different configurations. There are versions designed for chemical and industrial environments as well as being available unstocked.