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Construction Site Information Signs

Need help? Need help? Why are information signs vital for my site? Construction sites and the law - Many countries have a legal requirement for construction site owners to display some type of Safety Signs. To stay compliant with the local laws and regulations, you will need to perform a risk assessment and install signs that display what the workers and public need to know about the dangers on your construction site.

Construction Site Information Signs are incredibly useful for a number of different reasons other than keeping you compliant with local laws and regulations. They can help to promote a sense of professional safety standards across your site and can offer advice, instructions and directions - all of which aid productivity.

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Safety Legislation

Construction Site Information Signs are one of the most important types of sign among our wide range of Construction Signs. Not only are they crucial for maintaining employee safety, but they also cater for the sub-contractors, visitors and the public that may also be present on site.

They are a way to stay compliant with the current laws and regulations such as Health & Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 while also displaying the messages that need to be clearly communicated. Just by knowing what types of dangers one can expect while on a construction site, the chances of an accident happening are considerably diminished.

Safety signs are vital to highlight dangerous areas in the workplace.

The Many Uses of Information Signs

Among our wide range of signs suited for construction environments, you will find we have signs that will help you achieve the following:

  • Identify all routes that traffic will use. This is true not only for the traffic that's coming in and out of the construction site, but also for the traffic that will be navigating the construction site itself. Signs such as our “Warning Construction Site/Do Not Exceed 5mph” Signs help to reinforce areas where traffic and pedestrians may meet.

  • Deter unauthorised persons. As unlikely as it may sometimes seem, members of the public could potentially end up accessing dangerous areas if there is nothing to prevent them. A good defence against this is to used signs such as our “Warning Construction Site” Signs and “Danger Construction Site/No Unauthorised Access” Signs which make it very clear unauthorised persons should not enter.

  • Enforce use of protective equipment. With a large workforce it can be difficult to ensure that everyone wears the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in the areas it is required. Our range of signs such as our “No Hat No Boots No Job” Safety Sign can help to make it clear to employees and subcontractors that keeping themselves protected is not something to be taken lightly.

  • Indicate which hazardous materials are used on site. No matter what you're building, there are bound to be some materials that are inflammable, toxic or otherwise detrimental to one's health and well-being. These should be marked for all to see, so they are extra careful while in their vicinity. Signs such as our “Danger Asbestos” Multi-Message Roll-Top Sign can be easily hung on scaffolding, fencing and skips in areas where such materials may be located.

  • Showcase general information. Sometimes you can prevent accidents by clearly informing persons on site of general directions or instructions. By using signs such as our “All Visitors Report to Site Office” Signs and our “Toilets” Banner Signs, you can help to ensure that people do not wander potentially dangerous areas looking for where they need to go. This is especially important for the visitors and subcontractors who are likely unfamiliar with your site.

Materials and Fixings

Our Construction Site Information Signs are built to last and are available in various sizes and in a range of durable materials. This includes Correx, the durable and lightweight material that's become an industry standard. It can also be important for a sign to remain clearly visible in dark and dimly-lit areas, even if the power goes off. Our photoluminescent material option will help to ensure your safety messages never go unnoticed.

In the event that our range doesn't cover what you need, please see our Custom Site Safety Signs which allow you to create the perfect sign to suit your requirements. Also, it’s important that you are able to display our signs in the right place without fear of them being displaced. Take advantage of our range of Sign Fixings to ensure your signs stay in position.