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A swing bin that is well placed is a way to ensure your place of work is kept tidy. Whatever the size of bin you are looking for, there will be a swing bin in our range that will be just right to meet your need. Whether it is a small, neat bin near a desk; a coloured recycling option in a public environment; a waste collector in a washroom corner; or a large push-opening bin in a warehouse, investing in several swing bins is a good idea to assist in the area of waste management.

For more information, see our buying guide.

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Swivel Top Waste Containers: Buying Guide

Swing-top bins are manufactured in widely differing materials, from white polypropylene to polished stainless steel. You need to select the bin that will best suit the purpose.

The economy swing bins will be useful in any setting and come in a range of sizes that can be suited to the space. A bin may be found for many scenarios, such as a narrow spot next to a desk in the office, for a public area, for a classroom, or as a small collection container for organic matter in a kitchen – here, when selecting a liner for the bin, instead of using a clear liner, it is best to use a compostable sack.

If waste separation is the aim, depending on the environment, our plastic colour-coded swing bins would be a suitable choice. A metal alternative is the large, streamlined swivel top bin. It is also available in selected colours and can be used for colour-coded waste separation purposes. The swivel top bins feature a polished stainless steel top that can be lifted off when it is cleaned, and the metal liner also comes out, so cleaning is simple.

A self-adhesive vinyl recycling label on the bin will make it clear what each bin is for, or a rigid plastic sign may be put up on a nearby wall.

For areas such as wash rooms, canteens, and cloakrooms, a bin with a large opening is needed. Here, the self-closing nature of the swing bin is important. Whether it is the push-flap type, or a coloured swing lid, it will close again to conceal the waste. Hygienic wipe-down lids are designed for easy cleaning. You would need to ensure that the bin is positioned well for easy access, and choose a large enough bin at a reachable height for these types of zone.

A pedal bin is an alternative to a swing-lid bin, especially when hands-free-usage is beneficial for hygiene reasons, but you should bear in mind that the user then has to approach the bin from one angle only.

In places where smoking is permitted, it is best to negate the danger of fire. The stainless-steel cover and metal lining of the swivel-top bin make it an excellent choice. It is self-closing, which means that fires will be prevented from developing inside.

Where a stylish, contemporary look is desired, the sleek stainless steel oval swing bin is an excellent choice. It has been designed with a smooth, wipe-down surface that will serve to enhance its surroundings. The neat lid is dark plastic and swings easily. Cleaning is made simple by the lift-out plastic liner, which ensures fuss-free emptying. You do not need to be concerned that this metal bin will scratch the floors as the base is cleverly fitted with plastic pads. These serve a dual purpose, also keeping it away from harsh floor-cleaning products.