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Safety Flooring

Need help? Need help? Where should safety flooring be used? Premium Quality Safety Flooring that Can Take a Beating

Protect your workplace from dangerous slips, trips and falls with the Seton range of safety flooring products. Whether you need heavy duty flooring mats, aluminium stair nosings or high visibility anti-slip tape, Seton has everything you need to create and maintain a safe and slip-free working environment.

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Safety flooring buying guide

Maintaining safe floors in good condition is a legal requirement for every employer in the UK. Review the brief guide below to learn more about flooring safety requirement, placement and product types.

Safety flooring UK regulations

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that the floors of your premises are safe as much as possible. Regulation 12 from The Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations 1992 states that employers are required to ensure that workplace floors are suitable, free from obstructions and in good condition. The floors in a workplace should not hinder an individual’s ability to move around the workplace safely.

Slips and trips in the workplace can be very dangerous. In order to make workplaces safer, the HSE has created a dedicated collection of industry-specific resources, information and eLearning courses called Shattered Lives. This includes information about how to mitigate falling, slip and trip risks in every industry, in addition to hazard spotting check lists and further information on how to conduct a slip risk assessment.

Safety flooring placements

Every workplace will have specific needs for flooring safety. A comprehensive risk assessment of the premises will give you the chance to identify any slip risks or hazards and consider how these risks can be mitigated. When considering where to install flooring safety materials, it is important to consider safety hazards, as well as visibility and the needs of the area.

Choosing the right kind of safety flooring

All worksites have unique flooring safety needs – whether the workplace is an office building, warehouse, factory or commercial vehicle, it will require specific safety materials. Below are just some of the many different kinds of flooring safety products Seton offers in our full flooring safety line.

Anti-slip tape

Seton has a full range of versatile, durable, and easy to install anti-slip tapes. Anti-slip hazard tape is an essential flooring safety tool for every workplace as it is an ideal solution for stairs, flooring markings and increasing visibility on everything from commercial vehicles to signs to walkways.

A great way to highlight areas or routes while also preventing slips and falls is with black and yellow hazard warning tape. These tapes can be used both indoors and outdoors and provide maximum anti-slip protection while also providing caution and warning with a bright yellow and black chevron design.

Seton also offers High performance anti-slip black and yellow tape and Reflective Black and Yellow Warning Tape which are highly visible and durable. These tapes are made to mark areas such as stairs, workstation floors and aisles that experience high levels of foot traffic.

When it comes to anti-slip tape for stairs, our Luminous High-Vis Fluorescent Tape and Luminous Anti-Slip Tape are the ideal solutions, as they are luminous. This tape works to keep hazards and stairs visible even during a power failure.

Safety sprays and paints

Flooring solutions are an efficient and highly effective way to prevent slips and falls. For preventing slips and falls on ramps, steps and platforms, coatings, sprays and paints such as our Anti-Slip Floor Coating, Safe Step Spray and Epoxy Anti-Slip Paint are great options as they can be easily applied to surfaces like ladders, floors, ramps, and steps and walkways using a roller or a spray can.

Safety flooring mats and flooring

One easy and effective way to increase traction in the workplace is through safety rubber flooring. Seton has a full range of mats, carpets and sheet flooring which can be quickly installed in high traffic workplaces.

Cable protectors

Cable protectors are essential in all workplaces to both prevent trips and also protect cables, wires and lines. Cable protectors like our Rubber Cable Protector, Cable & Hose Protectors and Aluminium Protectors are very easy to install, highly visible and effective solutions for protecting workers and cables alike.

Stair nosing

Stair nosing is a highly effective way to provide more visibility and grip for stairs. Seton’s EdgeGrip aluminium anti-slip stair nosing provide stylish, powder coated durability for stairs and can be easily fitted without creating any tripping hazards. For more industrial settings, we also offer a range of extremely durable nosings, including Stainless Steel Tread with Nosings, Heavy Duty Aluminium Nosings and Hi-Visibility Nosings. These extremely durable nosings are ideal safety outdoor flooring solutions, perfect for industrial stairways and factories.