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Door Locks

Need help? Need help? What is the security legislation? The need to maintain effective security measures is a necessity for any business. Installing door locks is a useful step that you can take to restrict access to certain rooms or buildings, ensuring that only authorised personnel can enter and that assets and information are protected from theft or damage.

Door locks can also be a useful part of your health and safety strategy, allowing only authorised staff to enter potentially hazardous areas. Failure to keep such areas secure may leave you vulnerable to prosecution in the event of an accident.

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Door Security Locks: Buying Guide

Unsecured rooms and buildings are vulnerable to burglary and vandalism, taking steps to protect your premises and the assets inside them is a necessity. An investment in good-quality security equipment, including padlocks, key cabinets and CCTV, is one that can result in considerable cost savings over time as your property remains safe and does not need to be replaced. Also, by restricting access to certain areas, you can make sure that only qualified personnel are able to enter, reducing the risk of accidents that unqualified personnel can cause.

Security legislation is an important part of safety in the workplace

Making sure that avoidable accidents can be prevented is a key part of any workplace health and safety strategy, but being aware of the raft of EU and UK health and safety laws at all times can be hard, to achieve this we provide a full range of posters and training to keep you up to date on health and safety legislation. Seton is one of the UK’s top retailers of safety and security equipment; as such all of our products fully comply with the current laws. We can guide you in the right direction regarding which products are best suited to the circumstances of your business.

Ensuring all relevant entryways are secure creates a simple security solution

Door locks are a very effective measure that you can take, and our range provides high-quality locks that will ensure long-lasting security for your premises. Among the available products are Door Locks with Key Pads. These have a number of advantages over conventional keyed locking mechanisms — the lack of a physical key means that keys cannot be misplaced, and there is no need to cut keys for additional users. Additionally, in the event of a security breach, it is simple to change the code, which is far cheaper, more convenient and less time-consuming than replacing an entire lock. The key pads give many thousands of different code options, ensuring that only authorised personnel will have access.

Also available is our External Door Locking Attachment, which is designed for use in conjunction with door bolts and latches. We also stock an extensive range of fire door equipment, perfect for creating a fire containment and security system at your workplace.

All the door locks that Seton offers are made of strong, durable materials, so you can make an investment with the confidence that you are taking long-lasting steps to keep your premises, property and staff safe. The key pad systems are easy to operate and change, creating a top-quality, “no fuss” security system.

The security of the premises along with the safety of all who work or visit is one of the major responsibilities of business ownership. Getting it right will result in considerable financial savings as well as reducing the time wasted replacing or repairing damaged items and increasing the morale of all who work for you. With our comprehensive range of security products available, fulfilling this responsibility will be much easier than you expect.